Safety and Security

This oral pathometer device will be able to measure chemicals that indicate host pathology and the bacterial/viral antigenic molecules. It gives not only pathogen counts but also potential measures disease activity. This invention and development are protected by patent.

Currently, there is no device on the market that will secure entire panels, rack mounted components, or many other similar controls mounted on flat surfaces such as the Panel Lock locking cover will. These types of controls may need to be locked out or guarded for purposes of safety,

This is a system that uses the internet to connect people and collect data without risking the exposure and misuse of personal information.

This is accomplished by storing all personal information in a "personal vault" which is a computing device that is locked down with a hardware key.

The Plug Secure family consist of a plate and several parts that snap in.

The main purpose is to keep todlers away from electrical outlets.

Secondary purpose is to hold plugs in the sockets, and or cover the outlets.

Screening of passengers before aircraft boarding incurs delays, expense and yields imperfect results. The system I propose makes use of several preinstalled, state-of-the art subsystems to regain control of the aircraft after hijacking.

Precise localization is a prime safety requirement for SAFETY of any mobile vehicle (aircraft, rolling stock, car, coach, truck, etc.) and people (as per emergency, earthquakes, etc.) today.

Why do traffic lights have an orange but automobile brake lights do not? Predictive Alerts for Collision Aversion (PACA) is a paradigm shift. A life threatening flaw in an existing design is corrected using PACA. Automobiles come only with red brake lights at the rear.

Primary Flight Control Enhancement (PFCE)
The flight control systems of commercial aircraft in production today are a mind-boggling combination of redundant hardware, and complex software designed to meet the levels of reliability and performance required by the FAA, and to conform to the industry's “best practices,

The Proof Structural Design is intended to save lives from tornadoes. Less than 3% of America’s homes include storm shelters, and tornadoes are responsible for taking thousands of people’s lives. Each time a deadly tornado or storm system hits, homes and businesses are destroyed,

With the world using more and more new new chemicals in the manufacture of commercial products and military weapons, and with the increasing pollution at waste disposal sites,

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