Safety and Security

The proposed design of the robot for Urban Search and Rescue(USAR) assists in locating survivors in the debris, left after a disaster, natural or human-inflicted, rescues them and brings them to safety. In a nutshell, the robot is remotely-controlled to traverse the affected areas, scanning for survivors,

There are many situations that require an absolute leak-proof seal of an air duct in a building. Pharmaceutical processing, laboratory research, manufacturing explosives, medical isolation, nuclear reactors, and many more applications exist.

However, today there is no absolutely leak-proof damper. All dampers leak a small amount. Furthermore,

This is a method of employing a 10+" flexible embedded light-emitting alphanumeric display in conjunction with standard night-sensitive security cameras or portable standard issue FLIR equipment to verify the identify of proper authority on individuals from a distance.


On June, 14th 2003, 11 of 17 passengers died when they were cast overboard in Tillamook Oregon. The Taki-Tooo was a small passenger vessel that capsized just offshore. Note: in this disaster, drowning didn’t cause the deaths,

If while travelling you are caught in the eye of a storm (Danger) & there is lack of ideas for help or you are running out of ideas, & even the most efficient mobile phone cannot get you out of this potent threat to you,

Landing of an aircraft is a very important phase of flight. It is also a very challenging task in terms of safety. Automatic landing systems have been installed in aircraft but require aiding instrumentation on the runway.

The Mini-Snow Plow plow is designed to fit on almost any wheeled motor vehicle, regardless of it being a passenger car, full sized truck, or emergency vehicle.

The idea is to plow the road for traction as you drive, but only where your tires are going to follow.

Momentary Parachute unit with extremely low opened time (about 30 ms).
Combines two in one: parachute and big air bag.

Saves life of people when jumps from low altitude, for example, skyscrapers - tall buildings, aero plans, aero balloons and other low flying crafts.

Wildfires seem to be getting worse in recent years, and improved methods are needed to help control them. Wildfires are driven by wind, and large ones can even create their own windstorm. I will present two novel ideas here that should help control wildfires by locally disrupting their wind.

New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) was flooded due to a breach in the levee.

Small gaps in such a levee can easily be filled with sandbags if enough of them are around and there are enough people to fill and place the bags.

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