Safety and Security

Aim :
To rate the driving practice and behavior among drivers and rate them by their driving behavior

To assess the driver's behavior and driving practice in terms of response and reaction time to a fellow motorist and pedestrians and to identify poor drivers & scrutinizing

How would the world react if a news report was released involving 20 crashed jumbo jets filled with children? This hideous thought happens every day. However instead of crashed planes, this number is generated from the 6,000 children that die every day from a lack of safe drinking water.

Blind people are constantly at risk for being hit by cars which they cannot see. Especially in contemporary society where cars are getting quieter and quieter (electric cars produce essentially no noise) it is extremely important to be able to alert blind people of oncoming traffic.

Parents are concerned about the whereabouts of their children but it is impractical, if not impossible, to keep an eye on them at all times.

To create doors, walls, roofs, barriers, security shutters and many other planar surfaces that can span large contiguous areas but may also be stored in a compact stack for transport or architectural needs. (Panels may also be curved for arches or domes etc.

Removing a compressor from a package air-conditioner has a number of challenges. There is usually little to rig any lifting equipment, the compressor is well over the weight anyone should attempt to lift alone.

Mi invention consist of a video device that can be installed in any vehicle in order to have a way to maintain a constant monitoring of the daily driving each individual performs.

This device is built using up to four modules, each module has a video camera,

Time to time the Earth gets hit by an asteroid. This can be potentially very serious threat for a continent or entire humanity. Since 90's there is ongoing observation for to spot potentially dangerous asteroids. So far there are more than 5000 objects with known trajectories.

This DIY Survival Capsule (Escape Pod, Storm Shelter) was designed to save the lives of its occupants, in case of natural disasters. The picture show the first capsule (MKPOD1), used for real scale and FEA (Structural and CFD) tests.

This innovation successfully merges two existing technologies (Dry Snorkel and Cold Immersion Suit technologies), to produce a new product that helps prevent hypothermia at sea. During normal breathing or respiration a human inhales fresh air into their lungs and exhales CO2 at an approximate body temperature of 98.60F.

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