Safety and Security

The Sparrowhawk is a scalable, modular, ram-air chute, micro unmanned aerial vehicle and aerial delivery system that provides a viable solution to a variety of mission needs, including, but not limited to, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), communications, communications relay, and emergency supply delivery.

These exterior devices will help drivers who don´t have these precaution elements.

Figure 1: The rear speed indicator, indicates caution to the vehicle coming behind,
at the moment of overtaking in a safe way and contributes to respecting the speed limits of the area.

Built-in firearm-identifying RF tag, system to broadcast tags reported stolen, and self-destruct mechanism inside the firearm, activated wirelessly if/when that firearm is stolen, by matching its tag with broadcast tags.

Stolen firearms threaten society. Most enter the realm of crime,

The PocketHound™ Cell Phone Detector is Berkeley's Varitronics Systems' highly sensitive yet most easily concealed cell phone detector on the market. The PocketHound was primarily designed for College Professors to detect and locate students using their mobile phones to cheat on exams.

The featured revolutionary SUPERLUMINAL-GT is an internationally patented Fiber-Optics’/POFs’/PMMAs’/Light-Tubes’/Light-Pipes’ platform utility glove technology. It is the ultimate-suppertime-glove. - Indoors and outdoors..in limited visibility conditions, at night-times, in dark and confined places, ole-supper-times,

The present economics crisis is due (in part) to a lack of understanding about how our social system works. Today macroeconomics is very badly taught and far too complicated explanations are given.

The microSNIFFER is a portable electronic monitoring device for detecting and reporting hazardous materials.

The benefits of the microSNIFFER are as follows:

Local and remote monitoring; small size; long battery life; gas, liquid and solid monitoring functions; low-cost.

The wrist saver is a simple device that would allow you to rest your arm, keeping it in a comfortable and ergonomic position while working in front of a computer; turning your elbow and not your wrist,

Tile-Lite is purely a life saver, Based upon my original early warning detectable surface Tile or comonly known as the ADA Tile. The Tile-lite is a information system for the Visually and Hearing impaired/challenged.

INTERSTATE CLOSED AGAIN DUE TO JACKKNIFED TRACTOR TRAILER! This headline occurs far too frequently. Truck jackknives occur when the deviation angle between the tractor and the trailer gets too large. The front of the tractor moves like the folding blade of a jackknife (See Figure 1).

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