Safety and Security

With the multiplicity of aviation accidents, such as, but not limited to bad weather, engine problems, running out of fuel or even control system problems.

Consequences of these incidents include loss of human lives in addition to the loss of the aircraft. The idea came from here,

The concept I am putting is to solve the problem of traffic accidents and congestion created due to accidents. According to WHO research, more than 1.27 million die due to traffic accidents globally every year. This problem is worst in countries where roads are not properly maintained.

Think of how many times we climb or descent stairs in a typical day at work or at school or at the stadium or in the mall. Think of how many other people have used the handrail in the last hour.

Modern fabrication techniques permit manufacture of economical personnel and package security scanners integrating traditional metal detection with high-resolution ultrasound imaging of dense materials, such as explosives, concealed in clothing or small packages.

This scanner can be manufactured using present semiconductor fabrication methods,

Problem the Design Solves: During hurricanes, the ROOFS of many homes and businesses come off, resulting in extreme interior and exterior damage from wind and rain, walls blown down, and interior furnishings destroyed. Extensive financial loss in millions of dollars results, and loss of human life,


*It is an invention of most extreme simplicity.

*It consists only in a new design of the hull, which the shape is cylindrical and where the water is sucked in the prow, passing through internal side ducts and being expelled in the stern.

My design will solve the problem of children drowning mainly in swimming pools. My design is better than other safety products on the market, because it takes the human factor out, from detecting a child drowning to bringing the child to the water’s surface,

Standard reflective lane markers do little more than irritate weary drivers. Perhaps countless dollars and lives could be saved if lane markers did more than passively rumble under wandering tires.

Island Home is a series of floating cities with greenhouse farms on top. The idealized concept would have the farm area enclosed beneath a single dome. Because of current technology limits, and the fact that these islands should be submersible, the greenhouses will first be built with smaller,

A sufficient number of jet engines suffer bird strikes that cause damage to the aircraft and occasionally loss of human life. Other than using methods to try and deter birds from gathering around airports,

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