Safety and Security

The 2000 presidential election debacle revealed serious flaws in U.S. voting systems. Ambiguity in a “butterfly” ballot design caused many voters to select Pat Buchanan by mistake. Ambiguity in partially-punched chads led to tedious, inconclusive recounts. The “remedies” instituted since then are often no better,

The TUCAV (Tactical Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is a small rotary wing infantry support weapon system (the body is two feet long by five inches thick) designed to support the U.S. military against asymmetrical and traditional forces. The TUCAV allows close range surveillance, keeps soldiers out of fire,

The proposed system provides a method for the detection of shoe bombs using ultrasound imaging. Currently, there is no detection method designed for this purpose that allows the travelers to pass through security without removing their shoes.

Everyday the media brings us the horrible news on road accidents. How to investigate the cause of an accident by recording some data like alcohol sensing, location and speed etc. is presented in this project.

Variable ice dam to stop the flooding destruction in the spring(Mississippi River). The ice dam would be upstream where it's safe to backup the river. Hydropowered freezing units. The water only needs to be cooled a few degrees and slowed down to freeze.

Vehicles have started to be equipped with multiple cameras, radars, parking sensors, etc.
Sensors information shall be represented efficiently in a non-distractive way to the driver.

Nowadays, the drivers are usually well isolated from sounds of the outside world. Well enough - for my innovation.

I have designed and built a working prototype searchlight that delivers much more light per watt than typical searchlights, is more pleasing to the eye, can be easily and environmentally built using off the shelf parts and materials, some being used in an exciting new way.

Worldwide, the majority of potable water is delivered through distribution piping networks. These distribution systems can be shared between anywhere from a few hundred to several million people. While this is the most convenient and economical system available for the delivery of clean drinking water,

My innovation is simple: to keep the city clean. Our present road wastebin is filled with waste. Municipal cleans every day but it smells outside the surroundings, shows dirty city area. Infants and the elderly get bad health as lots of diseases spread.

Why wait until a commercial airliner crashed into the sea or on land to send a rescue team? Precious moments often elapse before arriving at the scene of the disaster to provide relief to victims, which in most cases it is already too late ...

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