Safety and Security

The E-Witness Camera is a simple solid state camera that constantly records images until a programmable event. It records to SSD memory until it's filled, then begins to write over the oldest captured images.

What could provide us with a significant prediction of an earthquake? What exactly are the symptoms of an earthquake? How far ahead can we predict an earthquake? Could electrical superconductivity in the rocks be used? Are volcanic eruptions related to earthquakes in any way?

The conventional speed breakers have become back breakers at low speed and life breaker at high speed because of more accidents due to sudden hump and poor visibility. Many accidents are caused because of inadequate illumination of the speed breaker.

I have devised an Electroscope/ESD Device that detects valent electrons, and then "drains" the user of any differential voltage. This device should be used when working on electronics, in effect to show the user of any electric fields that might exist, along with eliminating the static charge.

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) bans any nuclear explosions, for military or civil purposes. Until treaty ratification, a verification process is being undertaken for the establishment of a robust international monitoring system (IMS) for treaty compliance.

ESB Emergency Starting Battery VS (Vehicle Series)

ESB, means ‘’Emergency Starting Battery,’’ a new manufacturing innovation in the battery field, a new idea and proposal as well.

An innovation which will insure you reach your destination safely.

Since we still drive our cars on sunny days, we have all run into the problem of poorly designed and/or functioning sun visors incapable of blocking out the sun while still allowing us to see street lights, signs, etc.

In every country around the world used tires accumulate in piles. Every year, through carelessness, accident or lightning, some of those tire piles catch fire. Currently there are only three ways of dealing with these disasters. Allow the pile to burn itself out, smother the fire with dirt,

My entry to the Comsol/Nordson Contest would have to be my Hercules armored power and communications cabling system. I was approached by a BOMA executive asking for a design for an emergency communications system.

Amid frantic cries for help, some youths from the nearby locality joined in the rescue, pulling out those still alive, long before firefighters reached the spot. The death toll would have been less had the hospital authorities allowed them in to evacuate the patients earlier.


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