Sustainable Technologies

In the beginning, there was the power of the sun. It took millions of years to store the sun’s energy in the form of fossils that we are utilizing now. As we continue to deplete our fossils,

The aim of my invention is to 1. Replace the internal combustion engine with electric motor propulsion systems. 2. Replace the current electrical power production system we now have in place, including the national grid network, with individual systems. 3. Replace the current way we use batteries for power.

This invention proposes a low-cost means to minimize a building's cooling cost as well as extend the life of the roofing.

The proposed device consists of a special ridge vent which allows water to drain on the roof.

In 1938 Walter Adams discovered that cyanogen molecules floating in near absolute zero interstellar space were spinning and tumbling. Found to be powered by cosmic background radiation which is in 99% of the known Universe. The cyanogen molecule rotate like an armature in a nano sized electrostatic engine. Or,

With today's need for a change to maintain economic stability, the success of this concept can surely change the future economic forecast for the global economy.

Here's an idea, due to the independent study of magnetic core solenoids,

Due to the high fuel prices it is a necessity to help lower the fuel costs of businesses and consumers to help out on the bottom line, fuel costs. This can be done with "Diesel Fuel Saver.

Background and scope of invention
The invention deals with enhancement of mileage of bikes and cars by modifying the surface texture of the vehicle as well as the driver. We present two variants of jackets here:
•A jacket for cars for improving mileage.

The product is called Drainergy. Its purpose is to substantially reduce the enormous waste of money and energy that results when our used hot water drains daily from buildings and homes into the sewer.

Drainergy is a low-cost, absolutely safe,

Uses two types of energy: solar and wind.

Dual power tower consists of three types of sections:
1) Solar
2) Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)
3) Wind catching section.

Solar section consists of two glass tubes, one inside the other.

Have you ever wondered how exciting it would be to generate power from our own bodies while staying healthy at the same time? Well, here comes the ‘E-Go’ bike. Call it eco-friendly or a generator, for us it is simply derived from the word ‘ego.

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