Sustainable Technologies

This self-sustaining electricity generator needs to be located on a mountainside with a river flowing near it. The process begins with water evaporation using electricity to heat the water into its gaseous state. The steam engine is connected to an electric generator. From there,

If you're like me you can taste the difference between a beverage that has just been opened and one that has been opened for several days in the refrigerator. Orange juice in particular loses that appealing "just opened" taste after only a day or two.

Producing 1,000 m3 of fresh water per day requires approximately 10,000 tons of oil per year (equivalent to 35,000 tons annual carbon dioxide emissions). Apart from the obvious environmental concerns, this is something that few of the water-strapped areas of the world can afford. Besides,


Multi-Point Bacterial Abatement System is intended to be a component of the International Space Station's Water Recovery System. M-BAS implementation would result in the reduction of precipitate currently impacting ISS water recovery. Equipped with M-BAS,

Product Idea: The said invention is a multi-powered battery operated electric tractor.

How it works: The electric tractor is driven by an electronically controlled traction motor, powered by on-board, high energy density traction batteries.

Innovative Synergy of New Hybrid Off-Shore Wind Turbine/Permanent Magnet Motor/Generator Design with Renewable Energy Efficiencies

This project plan develops an innovative new wind turbine design which is already highly efficient and increases the efficiency of the wind power capture by synergistically linking the turbine power generation with another

Nutrients sink in the ocean. When they sink below the level of darkness, photosynthesis in plankton cannot proceed, and the nutrients are lost. The idea is to provide floating, wave-powered pumps that will pull the nutrient-laden deep water to the surface where it can fuel the biosphere.

Renewable energy production used by consumers (power, heat and cooling), together with hydrogen, is seen as the dominant future energy form. Using fuel cell technology, the two forms are effectively interchangeable (hydrogen and electricity), providing the potential for hydrogen to be a large-scale storage medium for electricity.

The major drawback to vegetable oils as automotive fuel has been the starting-from-cold problem. Briefly introducing some low flashpoint fuel such as hydrogen, gasoline or ether is a solution that has storage difficulties.

Water is safe to store,

The objective of the study was to redesign a photovoltaic ground mounting structure because the actual frame is not optimized. We used DEM software.

Italian legislation has stipulated that a photovoltaic ground mounting structure must resist four types of loads and their combination case: self-weight, wind,

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