Sustainable Technologies

An intelligent building has the ability to monitor its indoor and outdoor environment and control the installed systems (e.g. air-conditioning, ventilation, heating) for ensuring the occupancies comfort level with minimum energy consumption. There are different solutions of building automation existing on the market nowadays,

This invention would assist farmers recover parts of their fields that have flooded. Often, only pumps will drain low lying areas, but these are capital intensive and energy intensive. This idea would consist of a metal framework that has a cloth or plastic mesh stretched across it.

This is a design for a mobile aerial solar power plant (MASP) that uses the large surface area and heavy lifting capabilities of a remote-piloted airship to provide a platform for the collection, storage,

My design began with trying to find a way to build a home that uses wind energy to produce its own electric power, even in a low wind speed locale. Due to my background in farming and construction,

This Energy Harvester is unique by exploiting the energy of angular momentum and gravity through the vortex created by water draining in a vessel and capturing this energy with peizo-electric materials, either in cantilever or radial form.

Star Wars began with Luke Skywalker working on a moisture farm. Moisture farming was the only way to get enough water to sustain life on the desert planet of Tattooine. This hat was designed as a portable moisture farm.

This idea uses ultrasonic molding along with magnetic and electrical control systems that produce the ionization levels at the proper positions in a molecular liquid, and then controlling the magnetic moments to disassemble "carbonated water" H2CO3 and reassemble into C8H18 "gasoline"...

This is a new concept of wind turbines evolved from conventional models.

GEDAYC is a new concept of wind turbines with blades and kites 300% more efficient than propeller models.

Thanks to its design and the wide range of wind that generates energy from weak to very strong winds.

Many are attacking the renewable energy issues. People use geothermal and some of the wells are causing problems because of the addition of fluids to underground structures that are altering, causing minor earthquakes etc. Water supply is also a problem in some locales.

This system consists basically of a low power and low cost equipment called “Green Box” (Fig. 1), that can remain within a house power installation near the switch breakers’ box and can be used to monitor, assess and control the power used by the home appliances.

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