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Energy Source Recapture

Intro Background

All types of waste energy exist in our current engineered systems. The efficiency for particular systems vary from fundamental physics driving ideal values, to physical make up losses from friction,

Our company has designed a unique mechanical device, we refer to as a VSTC and a Wind Turbine, to be used as alternate energy, in order to produce a self-efficient AEV that will obtain, using a 12V DC Lithium-ion battery,

Recycle bin (recycease.com) that is single moulded so no assembly needed and is designed to compact the waste once it is put in bin and also seal it to prevent odors or untidiness.

All technologies listed are based on high-frequency PWM power electronics, magnetics, and rotational dynamics; and are synergistic with each other. They include brushless regenerative DC motors, DC generators, DC kinetic battery, PV power maximizer electronics, motor-wheels for onboard solar-powered EV. Except for the EV,

In today's marketplace resources are becoming increasingly rare and the capability to process them is becoming increasingly difficult. As the market continues onward with this trend, product costs increase and fewer consumers are able to afford purchases.

This motor is based on the concept of a resonant energy reaction. An example of a resonant energy reaction is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse of 1940. A constant wind caused the bridge to sway.

Why does every home not have a solar hot water heater? Indifference to energy usage allows people to plug in a hot water heater then forget about it. Electric costs are so low high cost solar panels cannot compete with John Q. Public - energy hog.

This approach to lighting up a large surface area without the use of lights requiring hundreds of watts of power or arrays of hundreds of exposed LEDs offers an alternate method that reduces the necessary power consumption by a magnitude of 100 times or in some cases even more.

The Cradle-to-Cradle, self-sustaining, zero-net energy city of the future is fast coming to fruition.

A half century ago, learned people were forecasting that by the turn of the century the world would not have enough food or fuel and pollution would dominate the earth. So,

In the mid 80's we found in Peru a new material with interesting contents of Gold and Platinum Group contents that had metallurgical difficulties,

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