Sustainable Technologies

This design idea is a speed change mechanism that mainly brings the possibility of high efficiency, than avoiding power losses, usual characteristic of mechanical transmissions. For example in the car industry,

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: In our modern and globalized world the dependence on fossil fuels for industrial and commercial companies is continuously increasing, gas,

Discussions for the provisions of manned lunar or Martian bases often center around the placement of various types of early stage settlement habitats, ranging from the cylindrical surface based “tuna can” of the Mars Society to an adaptable and expedient deployment of lightweight inflatable or aerogel rigidizable structures.

To date, hydrogen generation for fuel cells has required electricity generated by burning fossil fuels or inefficient solar cells. This invention (US Patent 6,843,903) enables electrolysis of water using the energy of solar photons to partially replace the energy of the applied current.

Breakthrough Bio Fuel and Bio Chemical Production Process

Overview: Researchers at Montana State University – Northern have developed a low energy chemical cracking process which converts plant oils to advanced transportation fuels (drop in) and oleo-chemical precursors.

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has worked for many years in the field of fuel cell technology and developed innovative solutions in the stationary as well as in the field of maritime and mobile applications for the pressing issues to alternative and environmentally friendly ways of power generation and

Project 180 Turn Around: 2015 Rebuild New Orleans is a project that interested me when Brad Pitt devised a restructuring housing program to help those who lost in New Orleans.

All of us know about the potential danger connected with processing of a polymeric waste, and nevertheless all of us use a lot of polymers!

As it is widely known, a Rankine cycle is a closed-circuit thermodynamic cycle whose specific feature is to involve a phase change (liquid/vapor) of a working fluid (WF). My invention relates to a novel concept, RABEI ENERGETIC CYCLES (REC),

India and other developing economies continue to face crippling hunger and poverty rates. Despite the consistent production of agricultural products, the post-harvest loss rate for fruits and vegetables hovers around 40% undermining the ability of local farmers to feed their countrymen and develop exports.

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