Sustainable Technologies

This idea consists of constructing a Torus underground, which will collect electrons. This structure represents the stator in an electric motor. It will be insulated from the surrounding ground and collect electrons through static electric currents.

Problems: Clean water is a huge problem in some regions of the world. Yet in some countries, people use clean water to flush the toilet. Why do we use clean water to flush human excrement ? it is a waste of clean water.

Included, please find our proposal for an alternative solution for energy generation. Our product may reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources.

We believe that the Ecology Friendly Compound Energy Unit (EFCEU) for generating electric power from wind,

The main problems with electric cars are the autonomy and the recharge time, which makes recharge stations difficult to deploy. My entry is a station that removes the battery and replaces it with another that was previously charged on site.

This heat exchanger is designed for an electric dryer that is vented outside. It will capture 50 to 80 percent of the waste heat without venting the humidity inside. It is designed to be very fire resistant yet easy to build with wood working tools.

Electronic generator-sea waves energy converter

The movement of large masses of water waves,contain large amounts of kinetic energy.Low speed (frequency) waves is a problem for efficient use-conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy.Electronic generator solves the problem!

Elpipes are polymer-insulated underground HVDC conductors based on low cost extruded metal conductors. Elpipes are designed for higher efficiency than is practical for overhead power lines. For a 325-800kV DC elpipe, we have selected a design basis of 1% loss per 1000 km,

Fastener pieces are supporting a load and vibration that it make ideal to use piezoelectric material for an energy harvester. The forces can be compression or tension, many times both in the same element. It can be use to maximize the electric output.

The simplest element is the washer.

My idea is on the integration of energy which is being wasted in day-to-day activity. A small power which is enough to power an LED is more than enough for Energy Integration.

Solar cells are a great at as a constant, low voltage power source but don't function at night. Therefore, power stored during the day is depleted at night.

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