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This idea consists of constructing a Torus underground, which will collect electrons. This structure represents the stator in an electric motor. It will be insulated from the surrounding ground and collect electrons through static electric currents. When enough electrons are collected a resonant magnetic-electric field will draw a continuous stream of electrons from the surface. Electrons will be drawn to a Iron formation in the center of the Torus and migrate outwards to enter the Torus. When a sufficient intensity is reached the excess electrons can be siphoned off and converted into usable electric power. The majority of the structure will remain underground, therefore the system can be built in an area which will appear to be a park.


Problems: Clean water is a huge problem in some regions of the world. Yet in some countries, people use clean water to flush the toilet. Why do we use clean water to flush human excrement ? it is a waste of clean water.

I cringe whenever I flush the toilet and imagine in some part of the world people will kill for the clean water that I wasted every single day. Why can't we flush with USED WATER instead?


So here is the idea, the used water from hand wash basin and bathtub can be used to flush the toilet.

The integrated bathroom system consist of a wash basin and bathtub connected with pipe to the toilet flushing ...

Included, please find our proposal for an alternative solution for energy generation. Our product may reduce dependence on non-renewable energy resources.

We believe that the Ecology Friendly Compound Energy Unit (EFCEU) for generating electric power from wind, convection (stack effect) and solar rays in combination will allow us to obtain clean and cheap energy (less than 5c per kwt) and completely eliminate the cost of power delivery.

EFCEU should create an opportunity to produce electricity without noise, air pollution or opened moving parts that typically present danger to the avian population.

While small scale renewable electricity generation becoming increasingly popular allowing households and businesses to harness renewable energy we are confident that most home and building ...

The main problems with electric cars are the autonomy and the recharge time, which makes recharge stations difficult to deploy. My entry is a station that removes the battery and replaces it with another that was previously charged on site. the process would be faster than a full recharge and could deployed on a wild scale. The car can be positioned with ground stoppers, and an industrial crane is precise enough to dock on the battery.

It would still need a standardization of battery and their position within the car, so at first it could be applied to rented urban cars, like the autolib program in ...

This heat exchanger is designed for an electric dryer that is vented outside. It will capture 50 to 80 percent of the waste heat without venting the humidity inside. It is designed to be very fire resistant yet easy to build with wood working tools. It uses recycled aluminum drink cans and easy to obtain materials.

It can save as much as $ 200 per year or more on heat without venting excess humidity into the house. Cost to build can be under $ 150 or even less. Safety features are designed in. More information is on the back of the model. This model is very complete and dimensioned to common wood working sizes for minimum material waste.

Were ...

Electronic generator-sea waves energy converter

The movement of large masses of water waves,contain large amounts of kinetic energy.Low speed (frequency) waves is a problem for efficient use-conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy.Electronic generator solves the problem!
The biggest gain in the use of large amounts of energy are people who are residents of the sea islands and coast to households and industry.It is environmentally friendly energy source that emits no CO2.

Advantages of Electronic generators are a simple design,low cost,and reliable operation and maintenance to compare with existing converters of energy waves!
Electronic generator in addition to use in the conversion of energy waves, can be used as a modification in the wind power ...

Elpipes are polymer-insulated underground HVDC conductors based on low cost extruded metal conductors. Elpipes are designed for higher efficiency than is practical for overhead power lines. For a 325-800kV DC elpipe, we have selected a design basis of 1% loss per 1000 km, about three times better than an overhead 800kVDC line, similar to “high temperature” superconducting (HTS) lines after accounting for the energy HTS lines consume for cryogenic cooling. Elpipes use 3-18 times as much metal/ampere as a conventional transmission line, yet conductor cost never goes above 20% of total project cost in our modelling. The lower power density in an elpipe gives them exceptional overload capacity for an underground line.

Elpipes are not wrapped on a reel ...

Fastener pieces are supporting a load and vibration that it make ideal to use piezoelectric material for an energy harvester. The forces can be compression or tension, many times both in the same element. It can be use to maximize the electric output.

The simplest element is the washer. It is easy to make and cheap. We can play with it and make a flag blowing in the wind. The pole is support by many metallic strips near the end. And they are fastener to the base by nuts and bolts, whit a piezoelectric washer, one in top other in bottom.

As wind move the flag and pole, there are a force upon the washers, in top ...

My idea is on the integration of energy which is being wasted in day-to-day activity. A small power which is enough to power an LED is more than enough for Energy Integration. Initially this is going to be a big task but when implemented there's a whole lot of energy available to you free of cost without much effort.

How can this be implemented? Have a rotary mechanism at your tap so that it can be connected to a simple dynamo and the power output may be charged and saved. The principle of inverse induction heating effect may be employed to produce power for your day to day cooking.

Piezo electric crystal array panel may be used on the floor ...

Solar cells are a great at as a constant, low voltage power source but don't function at night. Therefore, power stored during the day is depleted at night.

What is needed is to modify the solar cell so that it can deliver a constant voltage at night that can extend the loss of power that has been stored during the day.

One way of doing this is to modify the cell to convert power from areas of the spectrum that is delivered at night. One such source that flows freely through Earth's EM window is in the lower end of radio waves.

A technology that was already been proven to convert radio waves to power is the rectenna. A ...

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