Sustainable Technologies

“Algae infusion into catalytic convertors of the car’s vehicle exhaust system”

There are millions of vehicles on the road in the world, and each one is a source of air pollution. Especially in large cities,

As anyone knows who has changed a tire along a busy roadway, an incredible amount of turbulence is created by external airflow over and around passing vehicles. This turbulent air is an untapped, kinetic-energy resource; though,

The unique HEX Curtain is an innovative way to control the light and heat inside a building with an attractive covering that automatically responds to the exterior natural light and alters its shade appropriately.

SpinDyne's "Shields Brother's Engine"

If public and private transportation vehicles were powered by an engine which would be significantly more economical without sacrificing power, less costly to manufacture, less costly to maintain, quieter, and naturally low in all forms of vehicular emissions,

The reciprocating engine has been a paradigm for industry and a touchstone for engine technology for over one hundred years. Engines used today though, are only five to seven percent mechanically efficient at best.

I suggest that we combine infrastructure elements; ie: topping the sound barrier walls that buffer neighborhoods from traffic sounds with solar panels. These walls are supported by metal I-beams footed in concrete.

The idea is to provide lower installation cost and higher efficiency alternative to solar updraft tower.

As for updraft power plant generating ability depends primarily on the collector area (solar energy absorbed), the chimney height and air temperature difference.



Hydrogen Technologies, Inc. (HTI) has developed, proven and patented technology that makes the storage of large amounts of electrical power not only possible but also economically attractive.

The Team aim towards designing, validating and fabricating a three wheeled hybrid human powered electric vehicle driven by two drivers, which has a capability to act as a good viable option for city local transportation.

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