Sustainable Technologies

Utilize unused concrete silos on agriculture farms to construct Omni-directional low velocity wind turbines for generating supplemental electrical power for agriculture operations. Construct multiple wind collectors or sails around the perimeter to direct low velocity wind into vertical chamber and direct it into the turbine.

Invention of the Lyne Atomic Hydrogen Furnace began in 1964, when William Lyne took interest in the atomic hydrogen welding process while attending an industrial processes course at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas. Irving Langmuir discovered the process in the 1920s and developed it only for welding.

Just think about it:

Carbon dioxide is the chief greenhouse gas and most of it lasts about 100 years in the air, but some of it stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years. The burning of fossil fuels, such as oil for gasoline,

Turning polluting emissions into liquid fuel seems rather improbable, doesn't it?

But I have developed a technology which can generate liquid fuel from harmful gases that are produced when fuel is burnt by a vehicle. If commercialized, and further researched,

This project aims at increasing the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules applying the concept of moveable mounting panels to the microscale. Thanks to the improvements in micro-fabrication processes, it is now possible to integrate solar cells over movable structures, realizing the first Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Sunflower (MEMSflower).

Saving energy is similar to creating energy in this way: if someone saves 1 KWH of energy then there is no need to produce that 1 KWH. This alleviates pollution and helps in carbon credit.

At present,

The core idea behind this proposal is the scientific expectation that surface functionalized carbonaceous nanoparticle containing pre-heated diesel engine fuel (petrodiesel, biodiesel etc.) would have increased molecular kinetic energy and better reaction characteristics resulting in a more efficient and greener combustion process.

When exposed to certain microwave spectra,

Migrating Floating Gardens is a sketch for a project that predicts the next location for green in urban environments. Historically, urban environments encroached upon outlying wilderness and green was detached from the city. Subsequently green was introduced first on the horizontal plane in the form of parks.

Currently much motivation exists for development of wind turbines in the lower wind speed regimes.

Many wind turbines face difficulties during high wind speed (e.g., during a storm) and must either apply overspeed protection, in the form of a reverse torque,

One of the biggest Gas Industry in Abu Dhabi is conducting a pilot test of gas recovery and injection in the United Arb Emirates. The $90.7 million project must be completed within 34 months.

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