Sustainable Technologies

There is much talk about wind and solar, but they are both intermittent, unpredictable, and expensive. The real solution to the energy and pollution problem is geothermal. It was determined in 1980 that if we could instantly switch over all our energy needs to geothermal,

The use of vacuum as a barrier to heat flow, in just about any thing but thermos bottles, is curiously nonexistent.

Buildings, windows, water heaters, refrigerators, ice chests, etc. are viable candidates.
Some of these lend themselves to both passive and dynamically held vacuum insulation.

As noted by other entrants, vast quantities of water is wasted as a result of flushing toilets. Not that I recommend not flushing your toilet!

The basic idea is that the much of this water can be saved by replacing it as the carrier medium with a hydrocarbon alternative.

Solar power can only be harvested during daylight and then when not degraded by fog or overcast conditions. Wave energy is the only continuously available environmental power source (except for calm seas) that might be harvested.

Wave Winch is a wave energy absorber, based on the structure of the nautical winch, specially designed to damp the oscillations of a boat while it is moored and to transform the mechanical energy of the boat to electricity able to be stored in batteries.

The cost of fuel (diesel/petrol) to drive vehicles is increasing every day and all automobile companies are searching for alternate fuel or renewable source of technology.

A web site that will gather scientist and anyone with good ideas to develop the new generation spacecraft, top migrate to Mars, also fundraising from all around the world, anyone can donate, so its a project from the whole planet not from just a few nations.

In every field and in every country, there is a desperate need for leadership. And with millions of people homeless and unproductive, housing design demands a new vision and a fresh approach.

With at least 30 million existing shipping containers that can be easily repurposed,

Your vote can help wean the world off of fossil fuels by using pellet stoves to power vehicles and machinery and generate electricity. Pellets can be made from any locally available renewable fuels, including trash, manure, bedding, food waste, etc., turning waste disposal problems into valuable fuel resources.

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