Sustainable Technologies

We all know the disasters generated by nuclear power plants like the Chernobyl Disaster or Fukushima recently.

Yet people stress the fact the plants are safe but by recent standards they are not 100% fault proof.

What I propose then is to build a nuclear power plant under water! The system is composed of an underwater reactor built around a refurbished nuclear submarine, contained in an underwater dome (see Figure 2) and connected to an offshore oil rig (see Figure 1).
The nuclear reactor is hosted in a dome that has a sliding "hat" mounted on hydraulic pistons. The hat acts like a pressure pan: in case of a nuclear melt down, the pressure generated by the core ...

There is much talk about wind and solar, but they are both intermittent, unpredictable, and expensive. The real solution to the energy and pollution problem is geothermal. It was determined in 1980 that if we could instantly switch over all our energy needs to geothermal, and continue to increase our usage at the present rate, it would take a million years to lower the core of the Earth half a degree. For all practical purposes, it is an inexhaustible source of dirt-cheap, perfectly clean, continuous energy. The process is simple and straightforward. Drill down to a geothermal hot spot, pump water down the well, steam rushes up to drive a turbine to generate electricity at less than two cents ...

The use of vacuum as a barrier to heat flow, in just about any thing but thermos bottles, is curiously nonexistent.

Buildings, windows, water heaters, refrigerators, ice chests, etc. are viable candidates.
Some of these lend themselves to both passive and dynamically held vacuum insulation.

Passive vs Dynamic
Passive is a void that can maintain a vacuum indefinitely, like a thermos bottle that is made of a continuous glass or steel envelope. This of course is ideal.
Dynamic is a void,with a less perfect seal, it will eventually decay and require evacuation again.

This dynamic route appears to me to be completely over looked, and either route, at the very least, under exploited.

Vacuum Insulated Windows
It may ...

As noted by other entrants, vast quantities of water is wasted as a result of flushing toilets. Not that I recommend not flushing your toilet!

The basic idea is that the much of this water can be saved by replacing it as the carrier medium with a hydrocarbon alternative. The most obvious but not necessarily the best hydrocarbon would be vegetable oil but this would need to be confirmed.

The reasons for replacing the water with oil are the following:
1. Oil and water (in the form of urine) naturally separate. This means the undesireable elements (i.e. urine and faeces) can be easily separated, thereby drastically reducing the volume of material that needs to be pumped to the ...

Solar power can only be harvested during daylight and then when not degraded by fog or overcast conditions. Wave energy is the only continuously available environmental power source (except for calm seas) that might be harvested. On the open sea the potential energy of wave swell is principal energy source. This energy might be captured hydraulically and converted with hydraulic motor - electric generator units, or captured through an efficient energy scavenging and storage means that utilizes mature technologies and CoT components.

While there is growing recognition of the immense benefits of renewable versus combustion derived energy – little attention is given to the visual blight of solar panels and wind turbines, the noise of turbines, and the lethal ...

Wave Winch is a wave energy absorber, based on the structure of the nautical winch, specially designed to damp the oscillations of a boat while it is moored and to transform the mechanical energy of the boat to electricity able to be stored in batteries. Thus the system provides both clean renewable energy and greater comfort to the passengers.

Wave winch consists of a drum linked to the base of the mechanism through a revolute joint, a spring rewinder and a ratchet. The drum is connected through gears to a separate gear box which rotates the electric DC generator. The electric circuit consists of an electric diode connected in series to a charge regulator for batteries or alternatively ...

The cost of fuel (diesel/petrol) to drive vehicles is increasing every day and all automobile companies are searching for alternate fuel or renewable source of technology. Great research is going on in development of hybrid vehicles (where one source of energy is engine and another may be electric or other). The motivation behind development of hybrid vehicles is to produce more power with less fuel consumption. My idea is to fix a windmill (small) in the roof or in the front such that as vehicles moves the blade of wind mill also move and produce energy which can be used for charging batteries. This idea can also be used in trains as speed of train is much higher compared ...

A web site that will gather scientist and anyone with good ideas to develop the new generation spacecraft, top migrate to Mars, also fundraising from all around the world, anyone can donate, so its a project from the whole planet not from just a few nations.

Within the web site there will be three departments:

1) Propulsion system: it's where new theories, experiments and solutions for a totally new propulsion system to travel from here to Mars will be developed, the ideas will be organized, and select the best one.

2) Control system: it's where the control systems will be designed and developed for this new spacecraft...sensors, electronics systems, mechanical systems, robotics, communication systems.

3) Spacecraft design: it's where ...

In every field and in every country, there is a desperate need for leadership. And with millions of people homeless and unproductive, housing design demands a new vision and a fresh approach.

With at least 30 million existing shipping containers that can be easily repurposed, and small-form wind and solar dropping in cost, the time to change the housing dynamic is now. In effect, it would be open-source, modular housing. Improved insulation, grey water plumbing, thermal glass, and whatever else that works best can be used to upgrade. Containers can be purchased for less than $1,000 in some cases. But how to implement such a vision?

In the US, there are millions of veterans, highly trained and ...

Your vote can help wean the world off of fossil fuels by using pellet stoves to power vehicles and machinery and generate electricity. Pellets can be made from any locally available renewable fuels, including trash, manure, bedding, food waste, etc., turning waste disposal problems into valuable fuel resources.

The Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) is only truly a zero pollution when powered by solar, geothermal or waste heat. The ZPE™ is better for the environment and your pocket book than any other engine because all other engines must burn something all the time, but the ZPE™ can be heated with the infra red (IR) heat energy in sunlight. On a sunny day, you go for free. Optical fibers will be ...

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