Sustainable Technologies

As the auto industry surges forward with technological advancements, the general aviation industry continues to lag. Reliable means of transportation driven by renewable resources, such as solar powered blended wing body (BWB) aircraft, are viable and logical solutions in taking the industry forward.

Build a 100 foot tall tower near the ocean, far enough back to minimize the visual impact, or, build the tower near an existing local water supply viaduct.

My idea came to me as I was leaving home for work on June 20th. I looked at my house as I pulled out of the drive way and noticed my roof exhaust fan spinning away and I thought, too bad we couldn’t harvest the energy it wastes.

This device is a solar water distiller for producing ultra-pure drinking and cooking water using a new operating principle involving a spray water feed which flash-evaporates, yielding high efficiency and the ability to tilt the unit toward the sun throughout the year.

There is an overlooked and extremely powerful alternative energy source that is renewable and that has been available since at least the formation of salt water oceans: the electrostatic fields of like-charged solute ions.

Escalators (moving stairs) are widely used in public places.
Many a times only a single person is present on the escalator and the entire thing has to move i.e. many vacant stairs. Even vacant stairs have weight, owing to the fact that they are made of steel.

What does every industry want? A lighter and stronger material. I have that answer...

Compressed Polystyrene (CPS) is made using a unique process on expanded polystyrene (EPS) also known under it's common name as Styrofoam.

Compressed Polystyrene is lighter than aluminum by 150 pounds,

Instead of seeing labels on products such as 'green' or 'sustainable' or 'made from recyclable materials', this analysis tool allows for a points system to be placed on consumer products and industrial processes. A consumer,

This design is inspired by Texas-born Vincent Justus Burnelli. Early wind tunnel and flight testing of this design showed superiority in most areas compared to the tube and wing design. With new materials and design available today,

The Integrated Off-Shore Wave Powered Turbine Shaft (OSWPTS) solves the problem of un-tapped energy and wasted spaces.

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