Sustainable Technologies

This is a simple method of capturing the energy of waves in places where the pressure head is low but kinetic energy of the water is significant. On sea shores, lake shores or banks of rivers,

The Waternet (How to prevent the world from a water war)
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Because of global warming, it will become more and more difficult to get pure water. The polar ice liquefaction, the evaporation of tropical seas will generate more floods and water pollution.

A thermal storage technology which enables the instantaneous generation of electricity, cooling and heat whenever it is needed, for use in the home, industry and power grids, etc.

For decades the science community has been trying to store energy and has been concentrating on doing this within electrical batteries.

The Rechargeable Therm-o-Electronic Battery

A device that looks just like but weighs less than a normal battery of its size, charges just like a battery but whose output is programmable within the dynamic range of the device.

Thin Film Photovoltaic Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade

The innovation consists of wind turbine blades that dynamically optomize peak performance of a wind turbine with the use of thin film photovoltaic technologies, solar energy and a computer controlled analysis program of wind conditions.

The thermoelectric effect is a reversible effect that allows the direct conversion between thermal energy and electric energy, without any intermediate step. This effect plays a key role in sensing, in generating electricity and cooling. The first examples of thin film thermoelectric devices are currently entering the market.

Today, data is collected globally from multiple sources via GPS and other handheld devices, stored in the cloud and left to the user to figure out the value of this data, and what to do with it.

THE “APPARATUS FOR THE CONTAINMENT OF NUCLEAR MELTDOWN DEBRIS” depends in part upon a unique corrugated Transparent Aluminum alloy “Slam-Dome” that is mounted over a super-plastic-lined, 16-sided, reinforced concrete,

WDL has designed & developed a turbo-expander. This is used in a boosted IC engine to reduce the charge air temperature below ambient temperature. This in turn improves engine performance, fuel economy and emissions.

To be effective, a turbo-expander needs a high effciency turbine.

We all know the disasters generated by nuclear power plants like the Chernobyl Disaster or Fukushima recently.

Yet people stress the fact the plants are safe but by recent standards they are not 100% fault proof.

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