You will be able to change the color or color design on your car by using a computer in your car. An LCD screen will be on the outside of the car displaying the color/design underneath the safety of plexiglass. You will also be able to display advertisements. Wow!

Vision Intelligence Traffic Automated Lights

The VITAL system will controls traffic lights based on vision sensors and analysis of information. Will help to make traffic more fluid, generating savings to drivers and reducing unnecessary pollution by reducing gas consumption.

The system will be based on “Intelligent” nodes.

A new passenger-carrying aircraft design is proposed which will be able to efficiently move people at a speed of 300 MPH for typical distances of 10 to 150 miles.

I am submitting a design for a 40-passenger commuter aircraft. It is powered by two turbo-props.

The take-off video shows the aircraft taking off from a parking lot.

LA to San Francisco in 160 minutes—GREAT! But ironically, as the size of cities and the speed in which we are able to travel great distances increases, we are increasingly more sedentary. In fact, we are sitting down more than ever before—9.3 hours per day,

You’re watching one of the hundreds of movies you have watched over the years where friends and families anxiously await the arrival of their loved-ones at an airport. There’s the mandatory shot of the airplane approaching from the distance,

Modular panel truss bridges are used worldwide to bridge gaps in the road network. Often based on the WWII “Bailey Bridge” design, these structures are deployable in weeks. These structures can be “launched” (installed) from one bank across a gap.

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