Creating an idea and bringing it to reality can happen in less than a year. But improvement of it for achieving better gain and efficiency may take several decades. A good example of this is Engines. In recent years human effort for increasing vehicle engines efficiency is not limited to mechanical improvement. Adding the benefit of some other technologies like electrical motors to engines led us to a new generation of engines called Hybrid.

Like internal combustion engines, I think we can use the power of new high efficient PM motors for improving the efficiency of jet engines.

This idea came to my mind when I was in a flight and the pilot went to approach the destination airport. In all ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

1. The need for high performance hybrid electric systems that can store energy for breaking and use the energy for accelerating.

2. The benefits are the versatility of design, smooth acceleration, faster acceleration, the ability to store energy in the flywheel, and electricity generation that’s stored in hybrid capacitors/batteries. Less wear on the breaks because most of ...


*All of the weight of the train is sustained by the hydraulic fluid eliminating the use of wheels.
*Does not consumes energy for flotation (it is a closed sealed hydraulic system).
*It works with extremely low hydraulic pressure, due the distribution of the fluid In a great contact surface. Approximately 142 psi (10kgf/cm2).
*The train slides with insignificant friction and abrasion.
*In parallel to the chinese Maglev that floats under magnetic repulsion, this system floats under hydraulic fluid, but does not consumes energy for its flotation and is extremely simple, allowing smaller production costs than the common railway system.

***New, non-obvious, useful (PCT/OMPI 2012).

1)The basis of sustaining are inside ...

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) solves the long standing dilemma of passenger transportation by combining the advantages of the car and transit. Beamways is the only PRT optimized for low natural resource and energy consumption. With solar collectors on top of the guideway it can be self sufficient with energy.

The ideal passenger trip takes you rapidly and safely from where you are directly to where you want to go with good comfort and without requiring your attention.

The car excels in some of these aspects, including rapid speed and direct trip but is not very safe and requires your constant attention. Transit is slower, non-direct and only runs at specific times.

PRT offers each group of travellers its own ...

An important objective for solar system expansion is near earth asteroid-based development. Starting from a nunmanned mission this program can provide an asteroid mitigation platform, obtain essential space based resources and materials, spur the development of a fully reusable space transportation system, establish a durable and inclusive space colony, and provide a unique asteroid-based starship build out and prototype for deep space and interstellar missions.
An asteroid will be used as a platform for a space based launch capacity, and to provide a suitable way station and demarcation point for space vehicles en route to various solar system locations. An asteroid-based transportation resource includes modular cycler craft for transferral of materials and asteroid-originated minerals, ores, and fuels. A ...

This entry submits the use of the Landin Engine in aircraft use to replace the conventional turbine. The basic Landin Engine design was submitted in last year's contest, and can be seen here: http://contest.techbriefs.com/sustainable-technologies-2011/1450

In aircraft use, multiple engine units are coupled together to achieve the necessary power output.

The advantages over a conventional turbine are:
-Less weight
-Less fuel consumption
-Less noise and environmental pollution
-Longer travel distance with the same amount of fuel
-Manufactured at a lower cost
-Each engine unit is a complete engine increasing the safety margin

In conclusion, this might be a better choice for the future of aircraft ...


Turbo Enhanced Intake/ Exhaust V-diodes

Innovation pertains to enhancement tuning of intake and exhaust systems while improving fuel economy for combustion engines utilizing multi-cyclonic vortex action. Additionally, performance of the vehicle is enhanced while reducing particulate contaminates associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

The vortex phenomenon of interest occurs when both radial and axial flows are combined note these are the push and pull forces of a gaseous media in flow. Innovation functions similarly to its turbo-charging counterpart the modern turbo found on most sport vehicle applications; albeit the exhaust diode requires no moving parts conversely an intake diode might utilize a 50-thousand rpm fan motor attached to and electrically activated by the vehicles accelerator peddle.

The ...

LiftPort Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure

“Lunar Space Elevators for Cislunar Space Development”

LiftPort Group and its ‘Best in Class’ team of experts have come together (for the first time ever) with a unique, revolutionary rethink of the Lunar Elevator concept. LiftPort’s Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure (LSEI) is different.

Imagine a millimeters wide thread, secured on one end to the Moon—with the Ribbon stretching out through the Earth Moon LaGrange point, and beyond—with the other end attached to a Counterweight 250,000 km out; the Counterweight is “anchored” by nothing more than the constant tug of Earth’s gravity well. The proposed (LSEI) is a prototype of Pearson’s (Phase I NIAC) envisioned larger Lunar Space Elevator. The major components of the LSEI ...

What problem does the LIVY design solve?

The LIVY allows for deliveries to be made in large and dense urban areas at a much lower cost than traditional methods. It is also a great upgrade to current green methods of city delivery which uses pedal/electric driven models. The LIVY tries to make an all electric delivery vehicle convenient by tripling and even quadrupling the total charge endurance which will allow for extended runs, and much greater distance.

What are LIVY’s benefits?

The LIVY allows for the transportation of 800 kg of freight as opposed to the pedal/electric versions which carry only 180kg. There is also the benefit of employing one person to make up to 5 times more deliveries ...

In the present forms of such mechanical cyclic and collective controls more or less complexity is unavoidable. Besides the employment of the usual devices such as disengage devices, linkages, metal bars and fittings necessarily introduce numerous difficulties and limitations and add to the cost of production, weight and maintenance of the helicopter.

The objective is to overcome these deficiencies and the complexity of the mechanical transmission from the controls to the swashplate and maintain stability for the helicopter through the agency of a solid-state gyroscopic angular sensor only without the need to use any autopilot/auto-hover systems in a more perfect manner, and by means simpler and more economical than those heretofore utilized.

The main rotor blades ...

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