Magnetic conveyor system for moving objects in space.

1. Application
Our proposed magnetic conveyor system (MCS) is intended for moving/ transporting various items (goods, cargo) and for use as a kinematic pusher mechanism for flying objects in both Earth’s gravity and space’s zero-gravity conditions.

The Earth magnetic field poses a radial gradient, as any other physical field, however its magnitude is as low as .01 nanoTesla/meter. There are Earth zones where the geomagnetic field is totally horizontal.

My idea is to create a magnetic motor, which requires an initial breakout, to begin an exchange of polarity which may extend to infinity. The polarity change can be accomplished through a PLC, rotates on its axis magnetic force to prevent friction between the magnetic field and rotation axis.

Transmitting Hydrogen Atoms at the Speed of Light

1/ The purpose to make matter travel & transmit at the speed of light.
2/ However, I can only think of a method for transmitting Hydrogen Atoms.
3/ 5 Hydrogen Atoms are turned into plasma which is digitized into voltages.

This invention performs all the necessary functions common to the internal combustion piston engine, but its inherent design eliminates the main drawbacks associated with a reciprocating piston engine. For instance, the main moving parts rotate,

A Super Thermal Insulator that will last over 100 years and potentially save the planet.

A simple patented technology makes it possible to achieve insulation values of 0.0015 W/mK.

As of the early 21st century, there have been no new breakthroughs in the manners of propulsion for aerospace craft. Our generation has suffered this lack of breakthrough. Today we use fossil fuels and rocket propulsions to move around. What is needed is a paradigm shift in propulsion technology.

Module Wheelchair

The project is intended for the disabled who want to live actively and independently. The main idea is the wheelchair improves their daily life as a part of their body not as heavy ballast.

This wheelchair consists of two mainly parts: seat module and wheels module.

My design idea is to produce an electric battery operated car with a separate electric motor supplying power to each wheel. The car shall be designed to operate a magnetic perpetual motion charging generator as the wheels turn.

A new American system of Magnetic Levitation for smooth, quiet, efficient rail transportaion is being developed. It employs permanent magnets (PM) for zero power continuous suspension. It does not require reaching under the rails to pull up (German design) nor refrigeration for superconducting magnets (Japanese design).

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