Belt is sufficient to engage the input pulley to the output pulley, without torque converter/ clutch system. The objective is to make the CVT simple and cost effective.

At the time of belt engagement, input pulley driven by engine and output pulley driven by electric motor are rotating at same speed and direction. Since the input and output pulleys are rotating at same speed and direction, so less torque will be generated while engaging them. So Belt is sufficient to engage the input pulley to the output pulley.

Major components:

Input pulley 1 is fixed pulley, it can be able to rotate on its own axis and can't move on axial direction when the engine drives it.

Input ...

A novel type of planetary shift transmission has been designed with reduced parasitic losses. Instead of oil-immersed multi-plate clutches, a small number of external dry-friction devices is used to engage the six available gear ratios. With dry friction, the application force, and the drag when disengaged, are significantly reduced.

Efficiency has become a key objective for transport systems, because of the rising cost of fuel, and concern about the effects of emissions. An holistic approach must be taken to the efficiency of the whole transport system, but the minimisation of losses in the individual elements is critical.

Mechanical power transmission will remain a feature of land transportation, despite wider application of electric drives. The choice of transmission ...

Currently, propeller pitch control uses three approaches: it is based upon either hydraulic oil pressure, mechanical control using lateral motion along the axis of the drive shaft, or electric motor control with the drive motor embedded in the hub. All three of these techniques are either expensive to manufacture and install, or expensive to maintain due to high wear rates or the close machine tolerances required.

The First Image is a conceptual sketch of the Angular Motion Translator (AMT), US patent 6,547,689. The AMT is a mirrored planetary gear system that allows the angular relationship between two non-rotating parts to be translated into an identical angular relationship between two rotating parts, all with a direct, geartooth-to-geartooth, mechanical connection. ...

Passenger Pods Transit System in Airport Terminals

Changing the way passengers move & feel in an airport.
Currently in airports, the passenger experience is often stressful, tiring and unpleasant. This is increased due to more security checks, official procedures and the hassle of finding & interpreting signage & interpreting correctly. The intention is to improve the passenger experience, make it more efficient for airport staff, and improve energy efficiency. This can be done by introducing a new system of moving people.

The fundamental premise of this concept is to reverse the current process – where the passenger goes to various activities. Instead, various procedures come to each passenger as he or she relaxes in the comfort of ...

Companies have been making little two seat gadget concept cars, similar to the GM concept I used for my picture, for decades now. Yet even with the fuel prices doubling the last few years they still haven’t gone mainstream. Every day you see people commuting to work, alone, in their giant SUVs, full sized pickups, and mini-vans. Why? Surely the macho factor plays into it, but I believe most people buy those because from time to time they actually need the extra capabilities provided by them. The problem is they are then saddled with the increased fuel consumption whenever they drive.

What if instead we could all use small, fuel-efficient cars for everyday use, and then have additional vehicles ...

One of the most valuable pieces of unused, government-owned real estate in southern California is the Pacific Electric Right-of-Way -- a now trackless Red Car trolley corridor running from Watts Towers in south Los Angeles (near the Metro Blue and Green light rail alignments) to the Orange County seat in Santa Ana, 24 miles southeast.

Numerous studies of this corridor have recommended at-grade or elevated light rail (LRT), roadway or busways (BRT) to enhance commuting options and transit in this densely populated area. Elevated maglev has even been considered. But, since the RoW runs diagonally to surface streets through working-class neighborhoods, no at-grade LRT or BRT technology can utilize it for its direct routing between two of California's largest ...

So you'd like to park in Near Space to gather resources and analyze the challenges beyond.

Good idea but you'll need lots of power to sustain life. You'll pump nutrients for plants and animals. Your power needs also include heating, cooling, lighting and regeneration of air/water.

Power from those constantly moving lines of electromagnetic force that surround the planet can be harvested via a lightweight induction system.

Though these lines are considered weak when examined closely, they exist on a grand scale. You need grand loops to collect their grand power. The requirement for those loops is that they have almost (but not quite) no weight at all.

Colossal lariats made of mere Nylon thread will do the job. ...

Pure electric vehicles are an attractive solution to the problems of pollution and dwindling supply of oil. However, they will fulfill only a fraction of the transportation needs of people and businesses for the foreseeable future because of their limited range. Expensive batteries and long charging times also limit their appeal.

These limitations can be overcome if vehicles could draw power from a conductor embedded in the roadway. The conductor will provide power for moving the vehicle as well as keep its batteries charged. Relatively inexpensive batteries can be used since they would only be needed for local trips and to reach a powered highway.

One lane of a “powered highway” have would have a segmented conductor embedded in ...

Nowadays simple shaft- and planetary transmissions are the most used types of transmissions because of its concept simplicity. In these transmissions it is necessary to engage and disengage one or more control components in order to gear the chosen speed gear, whereby a single gear pair is often used in one speed gear only. On the other hand the differential transmissions enable to achieve the power split to more flows by its construction, so they offer higher number of speed gears at lower count of gears and control components. The base of the transmission is a planetary set, which works as a gear at several speed gears, at other speed gears as a differential. This principle is a base ...

A practical system of ride sharing has been developed to overcome the inherent problems with car-pooling and mass transit. Using the proper vehicle for the highway and another for city and neighborhood use enhances safety. Fifty percent (50%) or more reduction in commuting costs* is realistic using standard existing vehicles.
*Estimated costs using Edmund.com vehicle operating costs.

With the advent of high fuel and operating costs a demand for better mpg has lead to the development and availability of mainstream electric, hybrid, and fuel-efficient vehicles. This trend has forced designs to become smaller and lighter to meet the mpg requirement. Safety then becomes compromised when these small vehicles are interspersed among large trucks and SUVs at high speeds. ...

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