Present commuters often does frequent change in gears,clutching because of this much of the fuel is lost without any useful output.

System Design:
The method uses locking arrangement of fuel just entering before the cylinder during the time of clutching.

In this era of fast growing medical and health facilities, there are still a considerable amount of people who are paraplegic; they are either born or became so in their lifetime.

Many parts of the world, e.g., Africa, Middle East, Southern Asia and Australia, have severe shortages of fresh water for agriculture, let alone for drinking. Many of these locations are close to large saltwater bodies with plenty of sunlight available year round. Thus,

Many people believe that perpetual motion is impossible...however doesn't piezo electricity yield convertible electromotive force? Unlocking the electric motor allowing for the commutator to advance also overcomes resistance of the field for electrical generation by increasing inertia with a given electromotive force.

Q: How does your design work?

Spherical NanoDiamond coatings offer exceptional levels of safety in the restricted markets of Aerospace, Avionics, Jet Aircraft, Helicopters, Sea going vessels and Railroad. Ultra hard and slick diamond coatings applied to Commercial and Military gasoline, diesel, LPG and jet engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, cables,

Craft shall go faster, farther and carry more than any before on the same weight and power, and will do so as boat, sailboat, hydrofoil-boat, hydrofoil-sailboat, WIG or airplane. Technologies, components, and companies that can build it, exist. It will be made for purposes of business,

45 years ago the Mallory Battery Company of Canada developed a powerful D size cell explicitly for use in very low temperature applications.

This design idea brings forward and enhances that 45 year old technology which,

A liquid fuel missile was designed, built and tested. Design calculations for the two engines and propulsion systems were performed and the engines were constructed to those specifications. A static test stand was constructed and instrumented to evaluate engine performance during full duration static firings.

This invention relates to (a) ducted turbine(s) coupled with (a) generator(s), driven by the airstream of a moving vehicle. This unit(s) can be installed into existing aerodynamic rooftop-fairings of trucks, and / or be part of specially designed aerodynamic rooftop, or in the case of trains,

For decades aerospace engineers have been warning of pollution saturation in the stratosphere/troposphere regions where commercial jets operate, and of the consequences of elevated ground level ozone generated at airports. This project initiates development of a hybrid aircraft engine that produces no unburned hydrocarbons at idle,

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