My VTOL [Vertical Take Off & Landing Aircraft] prototype model is SkyAuto, which will be a two-seater VTOL. Having three small jet engines mounted at three sides of the VTOL, it will fly at an altitude of 30 feet. My aim is to make it for urban transportation with enhanced security and advanced navigation.

Design Description:
The three small jet engines will be fit at the sides of the craft.The cockpit will be like an "Egg" shaped shelter which will be fully made of glass except the basement. While the three jet engines make thrust, the whole thrust will coincide at centre of gravity of the VTOL. Instead of using wings, my aim to adjust the direction of ...

The world that we live in now would most likely be impossible had it not been for innovations in transportation. There would never be a time that you could get between cities and back in a matter of minutes. If transportation wasn't as advanced as it is, we wouldn't be able to comfortably get around this incredible world we live in.

SkyRide by Scott Olson is the next revolution for the future of sustainable recreation, transportation, and fitness. The Skyride above all, is fun, easy, and gives you an incredible workout!

This human-powered system has the power to revolutionize the world of transportation for decades to come, so we will never have to walk from place to place, ...

Slice-Ship Panamax +

The expansion of the Panama Canal is impressive, but global trade is expanding at a greater pace than the locks can accommodate.

By 2013 the Canal will be able to accommodate ships carrying 18,000 cargo containers, yet the progression of need indicates that it should be able to accommodate ships carrying 31,000 containers by 2016.

Current ships are loaded with individual containers that were transported to the ship by a truck or railcar. We do not load the tractor in with the trailer, nor do we keep the driver and the cab attached to the trailer. Each container is completely separated from the propulsion unit and the aerodynamic elements of the cab.

In the same way, ...

With the amount of vehicles that ply on the roads every day, and with plenty of unused energy dissipated in no useful work, the proposed system would change the way the roads are used and built.

This technology would utilize the roads as power generation stations, by employing cheap sheets of piezoelectric transducers, solar cells and Peltier junctions to convert the energy into usable forms to power up traffic lights, charge up electric vehicles, power up road lights, etc.

- The pressure transducers produce energy when a vehicle passes over it. This energy production is enormous if we account for the distance an average vehicle travels plus the sheer number of vehicles on the roads.
- The solar cells ...

Electrical Bike with Solar Disc Wheel

This concept bike is a design challenged by today's pursuit of greener transportation devices. It is capable of running on battery power, on power from sun light, by pedaling or a combination of these.

Without compromising from the aesthetic and ergonomics an innovative design of photovoltaic cells modified wheels provide the energy to charge the batteries. Hence, by using the advantage of large surface area of the disc wheel as photovoltaic cells’ location, bike’s aerodynamic and morphology is maintained.

-How does the solar disc wheel work and transfer electricity?
The solar disc wheel consists of photovoltaic cells coated with special film which collects sun light coming from every ...

A solar/human powerd tricycle for personal transport and light cargo that, depending on motor size (easily varied) can eather be ridden legally as a bicycle or registered as a motorcycle. Range with no sun is between 40 and 130 km and maximum speed is 25 to 60 km, with high power motors (easily available) max speed could be up to 90 kmph. The enegy consumption is (at 50kmph) approximately equivalent to 400km per liter of petrol, and that comes from the sun.

Other than the obvious environmental advantage this trike has over any fossil fuel powered transport, it is much cheaper initially and long term to run than either a car or motorbike. It can even be cheaper to ...

Many locations with poorly developed infrastructure do not have the capacity to receive airplanes and rely on ground transport from better equipped ports. Conventional airships could theoretically put down at any location, but due to expense of helium lifting gas are rarely used. They are also difficult and dangerous to handle during landing and take-off. To overcome these difficulties use of a vacuum airship is proposed.

Instead of a lighter than air gas, rigid vacuum vessels are used; once air is removed from these vessels, net weight of the vehicle is reduced. Rather than a complex air bladder system, five separate vacuum “tanks” are proposed. This system allows pilots to control vehicle density and weight distribution ...

With up to 35% fuel saving and meeting ISO 50001 standards, this system would assist in power management of Heavy Truck tractor trailers.

1st) Solar panels are located on 3 sides of the boxed trailer to continuously charge onboard batteries, either stationary or in motion. This power is electronically controlled and released through 2 onboard trailer motors (rear hubs) during travel to increase MPG.

2nd) Solar panels have a dimple pattern surface to reduce air drag in order to engineer a more slippery surface and increase MPG. The dimples would also increase the capacity of the solar panels and increase MPG.

3rd) Battery pack is integrated in the underbelly of the trailer and is aerodynamically enclosed ...

The Solo high-performance, single-seat vehicle is designed to explore new ideas in personal transportation. The product of many years experience in the high-performance automotive, aircraft and composite-materials industries, Solo is ultra-light, highly fuel-efficient and offers the performance, comfort and safety of conventional small vehicles while providing a rational, responsible and stylish alternative to established means of surface transportation, and addresses a number of drawbacks of the car as we know it.

Currently, most of the vehicles on the road during rush hours are capable of carrying four passengers and weigh about 2500 pounds, but usually carry only the driver. Although CAFÉ (corporate-average-fuel-economy) figures have improved over the years, there are still obvious carbon-emission and wasted-energy disadvantages associated with the ...


US Patent # 8,179,234
Dennis Atwood

I have invented a sound generation apparatus for a hybrid or electric vehicle which is attached to, or integrated into, a wheel. Faraday generators are positioned radially around the wheel, and as the wheel rotates, the generators supply electrical current to charge a battery that supplies power to a microcontroller that is programmed to simulate a motor sound of a petroleum powered vehicle, with the sound being emitted from a speaker mounted on the wheel hub. The microcontroller also detects pulses from the Faraday generators to determine whether the vehicle is accelerating, deceleration or moving in reverse and, based upon the state of motion, ...

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