Sustainable Technologies

In this Project the basic mechanics and engineering principles are applied to find out possible Solution for Preventing Emission. By using adsorption principle the hazardous gases in exhaust are reduced or cleaned.

CER has conceptualized and designed the ultimate miniaturized electric energy storage cell for cell phone charging. When fully charged, it will store approximately 75,000 mAh. Through the 5.0 V micro USB outlet port it will charge an Android™ type cell phone (with a 3,200 mAh battery) approximately 23 times.

Innovation: The Department of Energy is on record stating that transpired solar collectors (TSC) are in the top 2% of all inventions, ever. Solarwall is the grandfather of all TSC. Sunreps' fabric transpired solar collector (FTSC) is 4-6 time less expensive than the metal collectors.

Flying electric generators (FEGs) are designed to harness kinetic energy in the powerful, persistent high altitude winds. At 15,000 feet (4600 m) and above, tethered rotorcraft, with four or more rotors mounted on each unit, could give individual rated outputs of up to 40 MW.


Purpose : To build a front loader with efficient hydraulic system
Method used: SolidWorks 3d modeling software
Procedures: Data collecting ,Solidworks parts ,

The idea is to generate clean energy.

Is based on the principle of mechanical energy transformation associated with magnetic energy into electrical energy.

The system consists in the integration of "already existing technologies and concepts",

This system consists of using water pressure, which will light the home and provide power for the use of electrical appliances.
The system operates when the gears on the generator are moved by water pressure moving the pistons, to accumulate power in a battery.

1-Heat transfer mechanism through a roof

On a summer sunny day, a typical roof surface can reach temperatures that are nearly 100°F above ambient temperature. A light color roof, due to the characteristics of the outer layer, stays at or near the ambient temperature.

If you have to maintain a lawn anyway, why not harvest it for energy? The personal lawn harvester coverts lawn turf to pellet fuel that can be used for home heating or power generation.

The mower is powered by the grass pellets it harvests,

Albert Mroz
At astronomical distances away from our home planet, what will be the source of extraterrestrial sustenance for the new pioneers of space? And will “shipping” dried,

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