Sustainable Technologies

Electricity generated in our waters and electric vehicles are the only way to American recovery. Energy  independence and economic growth while keeping the air and water clean and global warming at a minimum.

Water is the most abundant resource on our planet. The ocean’s energy is mainly caused by gravitation between sun, earth and moon, and solar heat. Rivers flow by gravity from mountains to the sea. A tiny fraction of the water’s usable power is sufficient to supply all mankind with electricity.

Hydroelectric power is superior and lasts forever.

Tidal currents can be used both ways. Ocean, streams and rivers can be used without dams. Modern technology suggests modular submerged Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPP’s) anchored on ...

System uses a dry-wet sensing differential amplifier.

Amplifier already used as an optical differential amplifier:


Here the photoconductors sensing light difference are removed and left with only their leads (two pairs corresponding to the two photosensors). One pair of leads left to sense dry air, whereas the other pair is left on the ground in the area expected to flood with leakage of water, in a situation met of a faulty water tube (water heaters, located over bathrooms -- at least in Greece -- frequently present water leakage floodings).

An alarm siren may be used, or possibly the main water supply cutoff using electrovalves. A timer may also be employed for recording the ...

Patented - Albert L. Schmidt - Inventor

A majority of showerheads Sold & Used today Dispense 2.5 Gallons of Water Per/Minute.

A 10-Minute Shower = 25 Gallons of Freshly Treated, Filtered, Purified, then Heated, Water.

Water Used = 15 Gallons Heated Water (60%)
10 Gallons Cold Water (40%)
Total 25 Gallons Used with 0 Saved!

A 10-Minute Shower with the NEW 10/15+ Flowchoice Showerhead™

1. User enjoys a 2-Minute showering wet down period. Water Usage = 4 Gallons.
2. User then moves the showerhead in any direction within a 360° Circle Engaging an Internal
Flow Control Valve, then lathers-up & ...

A shower that saves resources without restrictions

People want to conserve resources but without feeling that too much sacrifice is required. All water-saving showers restrict the flow and reduce the quality of the experience. My approach to designing products that conserve resources and energy is to make the experience as good or better than what it is now. This shower is a perfect example.

This device uses only a gallon of water for the entire shower but the user can have the water as hot, as forceful and for as long as they desire. The principle that makes it work is similar to an automatic dishwasher. The water for each process is recycled and then replaced for the next ...

In order to survive in the coming years, mankind will have to change its behavior regarding the use of water challenging the scarcity of resources. This new generation device in water conservation that is mimicking the iconic LED in lighting. It is supposed to conserve 70% of wasted water and heat consumed while bathing or washing in the time where there might be wars on water.

 Due to its modular nature, many designs could be artistically generated to match the diversity in tastes. To satisfy the different needs in the bathroom, three kinds were developed. Type A instantly returning back after pressing, ideal for massaging and bathing in the same time, Type B to click and enjoy water flowing ...

Water seems like it’s all around us, right? But the truth is, it’s not available everywhere. Water is the one essential of every community and every single life depends on it. That’s why when typical well pumps cannot perform, The Well Dr. succeeds. Using a proprietary algorithm developed by Luke Miller, The FPGA Expert, water can be pumped from any water source into a storage tank automatically. That means no more losing pump prime or hand pumping. Even if the water source only has a tenth of gallon recovery rate, that translates into 144 gallons of precious water a day. The Well Doctor will get that water for you.

Traditional well pumps just pull/push water based on water pressure. ...

Atlantic Motor Labs, Inc. (AML) was formed to commercialize the hydraulic & pneumatic motor design developed by founder Braden Murphy, who recently received the Governor General’s Gold Medal for his engineering graduate work at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) on the design. His designs are novel compared to existing technology, being half the size and weight, powerful, efficient, versatile and modular. These unique aspects of the motor provide immediate opportunities to solve big problems in key industries.

The oil and gas production industry is facing immenent environmental and public pressure on venting gasses, as the industry currently accounts for 20% of global methane emissions. Methane accounts for 14% of global greenhouse gases (GHG), and is responsible for over one-third of human-caused ...

The innovation and driving force for the wind turbine solar water pump is brought about by the needs for basic resources such as safe and drinkable water in third world countries as well as environments that make attainability hard if not almost impossible. The lack of electricity and an electrical grid.

This would improve the quality of life, automate a difficult and tedious task as well as maintain safe and reliable water.

The manufacturability for the wind turbine solar water pump is based on off the shelf components and the redesign of necessary innovative components of the water pump system. The use of an ultraviolet filtration system to make the water safer for human consumption and the ...

This is Wireless Solar Panel Heated Windshield Wiper Blade.
It is easy to install. Its performance is much better than Wire Heated Windshield Wiper Blade. There is no electric wire or hot water tube. The Solar Panel saves and makes power, and then makes the frame and rubber warm. When it is snowing or freezing, it is easy to remove and clean.

The Bottom is Eco-friendly system. We do not need any battery or any equipment to use it. Install Wireless Solar Panel Heated Windshield Wiper Blade on your car and start wiping. It gives you much more clear, exspecially during ...

The energy crisis persists all across the globe. We think of recovering the energy which is already spent but not being utilized further, to overcome this crisis with no huge investment.

The climatic change and global warming demand accessible and affordable cooling systems in the form of refrigerators and air conditioners. Annually billions of dollars are spent in serving this purpose. Hence forth, we suggest NO COST Cooling Systems.

Idea and Concept:
Petroleum gas is stored in liquefied state before its utilization as fuel. The energy spent for pressurizing and liquefying is not recovered afterwards. If it is expanded in an evaporator, it will get vaporized and absorb heat to produce cooling.

This property has been used for ...

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