Sustainable Technologies

Recycled Concrete Sound Barriers
Road traffic is the biggest source of noise pollution in the UK . The noise generated by traffic on urban motorways can be disturbing for the occupants of dwellings along the boundaries of the road reserve. Currently, in urban areas,

Renewable Phenolic Compounds - Another Product of EnerSysNet's Mobile Energy Conversion Systems


The wood products industry always manages waste and cost with an eye towards expanded profitability. For example,

A system for generating electricity in the offshore oil and gas industry comprises a wind turbine that can easily be moved along with a drilling rig or marine platform. The system provides a renewable and alternative to generating electricity, in the form of wind,

Those who have ever experienced a power outage understand the major headaches associated with losing electricity; figuring out how to keep food from spoiling, how to get water, plumbing, lighting, and heating & cooling to name a few.

Studies at UC-Davis in 2007 have demonstrated that parasitic infestation(s) are a contributing factor in the onset of ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ in honeybee populations, natiowide. According to the USDA,

Known Problem:
Clean water is becoming a scarcer commodity, even near large bodies of water. Desalinization processes are expense to implement and very expensive to maintain. Scaling current designs is difficult.

Using hydrogen fuel cell technology,

It is an innovative sea wave energy converter.

Although there are many systems for converting motion of the waves, this device is innovative because the particular mechanism adopted allows the conversion into electrical energy of the waves in any direction.

Self Irrigation container ( SIC-A)
Water is life. As we all know, all ancient cultures rose near water resources. They started agriculture, building dams and water reservoirs. Big reservoirs and dams built on rivers, not where there was little rainfall and flat zones. As civilizations develop and upgrade,

Wave energy extraction is complex and many device designs have been proposed. All types of sea waves electricity stations are expensive.

This device is simple and can be made by every handy man. The device is suitable for yachts or ocean research vessels.

Renewable energy developers face many challenges today. Three main challenges are: (1) no power grid in the vicinity, (2) no willing utility to buy that energy, (3) prohibitive stabilization costs of unstable renewable energy.

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