Sustainable Technologies

A concept of a Macrowave Controller

The whole integration of this composes with the followings: 20 to 30 self-constructed civilian-crawler-type-heavy-autonomous-vehicle (CCTHAV), each weighted about 3 to 5 tons with elevating-poles to assemble the huge platform in figure.

What if we arrange a set of permanent magnets in a manner that it would work like an electric motor so that we can generate a circular motion without the intervention of any external inputs,

A thermal plasma technology capable of instantaneously dissociating large carbon containing molecules directly into a mixture of ionized particles can generate energy from gases attributed to the greenhouse effect.

About 95% of the hydrogen produced today from natural gas using steam-methane reforming,

The futuristic technology for the colonies on Mars.

The Planet Mars has been an issue of scientific curiosity for centuries, not least because Mars is the only terrestrial planet whose surface can be directly observed in detail from the Earth.

Technologies based on microbially-catalyzed reactions are cost-effective for managing waste at a large scale. 125 million dry tons of pig waste is produced globally every year. Pig waste has high concentrations of organic carbon and nutrients like nitrogen that, when discharged to the environment,

Who says the sun can't shine at midnight? What if solar panels charged up a battery during the day, which then went on to power a street light at night?

The EIA reports that up to 12% of all electricity goes into lighting. Needless to say,

This system would comprise of several diversion facilities to store the flood waters. Each facility would include an open pit (4 to 5 miles square and 100 feet deep), an electrical generator (driven by the entering flood waters) and a system for emptying the pit.

Mississippi to Colorado River Waterway
Provide a waterway from the Mississippi River basin to the Colorado River basin. This preliminary plan shows the waterway starting at Greenville, Mississippi and ending at Navajo Reservoir in New Mexico. The goal was to minimize rise of the waterway to reduce pumping costs.

At highway speeds, a large amount of energy is used to overcome aerodynamic drag. I believe we can make changes to our highways that can reduce that drag.

Currently one way to reduce drag is to drive slower.

Due to lack of cold storage facilities and packed food processing facilities in developing countries most of the vegetables and other crops get rotten within week of harvest.

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