Sustainable Technologies

This system, based in a plastic cylinder inside a square area, allows in a minimum space, 1.20 by 1.20 m, height 2.40 to perform in total ergonomic protection, all functions related to personal care. While the user will stay in the cylinder,

The Arachnid Vigor works by attracting and repelling alternating positive and negative magnetic poles. Thus creating the apparatus to rotate. As the machine rotates; the rod in the center of the apparatus will be equipped with a gearing mechanism located on the bottom of the rod,

The automatic thrust augmentation is the method of powering a high speed aircraft with the objective of minimizing the fuel consumption and making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant.

Wind power seems benign and safe, but there are several problems: bird/bat strikes, noise, vibration, large normal force at the tower top from blade lift, slow adaptation to wind direction changes (and correspondingly large blade stresses), etc. that are all solved here.

Babylon Effects(BE!) is a specialist in rooftop farming technologies with a focus on ready-to-use farming packages and consultancy services to its customers. The rooftop farming technology specially developed by BE!

We have been working in the design of water harvesters from air humidity for the Peruvian desert, based in our knowledge and practice, but there was lacking a general theory behind our task, until the "Biotic Pump" concept of Victor Gorshkov and Anastassia Makarieva of the St.

“Is it possible to generate a patterned surface which is microbe friendly?”

The idea deals with production of easily degradable bio fertilizers using a patterned microbial surface. Fertilizers used in crop cultivation today are synthetic in nature.

• A complete solution for Cleaning, produced with latest design on a Turkish Towel.
• A must for every, Households, Hotels, Messes, Paint Shops, Work Shops etc.
• Perfectly Cleans, Utensils, whether black or oily or dirty, Pots and Ovens, Stove and Tools, Machinery, or Tiles and Floors,

The bioethanol-reactor aims to combine the delignification and SSF process simultaneously in a single reactor. Function of this tool is to reduce levels of lignin, and also used in the saccharification and fermentation of lignocellulosic materials.This reactor is designed to produce second generation of bioethanol.

Nowadays, wastewater treatment plants should not be considered as just treatment systems, but rather as a factory at which value-added by-products can be produced without any extra cost. In this context, activated sludge bacteria can produce special lipids known as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) that are potential bio-plastics;

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