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This system, based in a plastic cylinder inside a square area, allows in a minimum space, 1.20 by 1.20 m, height 2.40 to perform in total ergonomic protection, all functions related to personal care. While the user will stay in the cylinder, totally plain and without dangerous edges or right corners and volumes, in the corners left between the cylinder and the square volume, all fixtures will be integrated by different groups and will pop out as needed. The four corners are for the following functions:
1. Toilet, urinal, and service-container.
2. Wash basin, bidet and container.
3. Foldable seat a container.
4. Closet for shower support.
5. Shower system integrated in cylinder.
All utilities will be included with ...

The Arachnid Vigor works by attracting and repelling alternating positive and negative magnetic poles. Thus creating the apparatus to rotate. As the machine rotates; the rod in the center of the apparatus will be equipped with a gearing mechanism located on the bottom of the rod, to match the gears of an attached electrical generator. Therefore creating an endless amount of energy to power homes and businesses. It would also supply power to space stations and rovers whereas solar energy will be limited.

The Arachnid Vigor will operate 100% pollution free so it’s environmentally friendly.

It will drastically reduce greenhouse gases as it continuously runs nonstop.

It will also eliminate unexpected power failures due to inclement weather and natural ...

The automatic thrust augmentation is the method of powering a high speed aircraft with the objective of minimizing the fuel consumption and making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant. The automatic thrust augmentation is a system that can be used in assisting the main engine in order to provide thrust during critical situations which includes crossing the sonic region, during air combat, taking off from an aircraft carrier and so on. This method of thrust augmentation includes making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant (oxidizer) and mixing it with the aircraft’s fuel for the combustion to take place. Also, these processes occur automatically without pilots’ effort which also increases accuracy and relieves pilot’s ...

Wind power seems benign and safe, but there are several problems: bird/bat strikes, noise, vibration, large normal force at the tower top from blade lift, slow adaptation to wind direction changes (and correspondingly large blade stresses), etc. that are all solved here. My goal is to allow distributed wind power capture that is inherently safe and works from lighter winds than conventional turbines require, located close to each load to eliminate power distribution losses. This also provides improved energy security because without need for long power distribution lines the threat of blackout in storms from broken power-lines is eliminated. And, of course, this is completely carbon-free in operation.

The key is to align the lift force from all rotor ...

Babylon Effects(BE!) is a specialist in rooftop farming technologies with a focus on ready-to-use farming packages and consultancy services to its customers. The rooftop farming technology specially developed by BE! will enable a range of crops to be grown in poly-tunnel greenhouses connected to a closed-loop water and energy management system. The initial target is to provide sustainable and profitable rooftop farming solutions to building owners. During the whole contract process, BE! will assist and advise its customers for the monthly operations, whilst growing the market for its farming packages.

1. Problem
* Under-used space in urban environments
* Growing pressure on land as urban areas take over farming space
* Inefficient system where food is grown far from ...

We have been working in the design of water harvesters from air humidity for the Peruvian desert, based in our knowledge and practice, but there was lacking a general theory behind our task, until the "Biotic Pump" concept of Victor Gorshkov and Anastassia Makarieva of the St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Unit became known, then our speculations and findings made sense and gave us a lot of confidence.

The big energy source of atmospheric water is in the phase change from vapour (measured as RH) to liquid (in fog, clouds, rain). We added to that some dessicant materials such as CaCl2, MgCl2, glycerol, H2SO4, molasses etc. are hygroscopic ( they absorbe atmospheric water vapour latent heat i.e. the dessicant becomes ...

“Is it possible to generate a patterned surface which is microbe friendly?”

The idea deals with production of easily degradable bio fertilizers using a patterned microbial surface. Fertilizers used in crop cultivation today are synthetic in nature. These synthetic fertilizers are harmful for ecosystem as they result in soil pollution and increase in synthetic chemical concentration of the soil. Though various forms of biofertilizers have been introduced in the market, their use is limited due to their high cost and low efficiency.

In order to combat this problem, an idea is proposed in this article which is at a research stage in my laboratory and has achieved few successful results. The basic idea is to use patterned microbial surfaces ...

• A complete solution for Cleaning, produced with latest design on a Turkish Towel.
• A must for every, Households, Hotels, Messes, Paint Shops, Work Shops etc.
• Perfectly Cleans, Utensils, whether black or oily or dirty, Pots and Ovens, Stove and Tools, Machinery, or Tiles and Floors, solves all your cleaning problems, even at high Temperatures.
• After work is over it can be completely washed and cleaned , without holding any food particles or left over, so NO danger of developing Bacteria as in other Scrubbers.
• This Scrubber is Biodegradable and Eco Friendly
• Being simple and useful it has good Export market
• Thus it is most Hygienic, safe, simple and easy to handle, with ...

The bioethanol-reactor aims to combine the delignification and SSF process simultaneously in a single reactor. Function of this tool is to reduce levels of lignin, and also used in the saccharification and fermentation of lignocellulosic materials.This reactor is designed to produce second generation of bioethanol.

The reactor is a jacketed reactor with 120L volume, made of stainless steel ss 304 and 5mm thickness. It is equipped with a single stirrer blade. Jacket that is filled with thermal oil heaters, blanketed the reactor with 50mm thickness from the walls of the reactor, fiber-ceramic is also used as an insulator. Height of the reactor is 660mm from the bottom of the reactor which is shaped earthenware. It also is equipped ...

Nowadays, wastewater treatment plants should not be considered as just treatment systems, but rather as a factory at which value-added by-products can be produced without any extra cost. In this context, activated sludge bacteria can produce special lipids known as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) that are potential bio-plastics; they also accumulate neutral lipids known as triacylglycerols (TAGs) that are biodiesel precursors. One can exploit these types of cellular lipids from mixed microbial communities readily available in wastewater on which they grow and make value-added by-products from waste stream in treatment ...

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