Sustainable Technologies

If you sit on a plot of land and have enough surface area to tap into this wealth of free warm water, you just need to circulate and store the glycol somewhere temporarily. For office buildings the ideal place is on the roof, in the penthouse of a new building. To do this, you need to lay glycol pipes thoroughly connected from the subsurface to the tank on the roof and back again to where the heat is needed.

All of this takes planning and special engineering services that can determine how much of the glycol one can realistically take out of the ground and re-circulate the used cold glycol back down into the ground.

Once this free heat ...

Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT)

As anyone knows who has changed a tire along a busy roadway, an incredible amount of turbulence is created by external airflow over and around passing vehicles. This turbulent air is an untapped, kinetic-energy resource; though, it is difficult to harness due to the chaotic intensity and irregular vectors of the energy. A system—HEAT—is proposed to convert vehicular turbulence into useful electric current. This “free” electricity can offset costs of electrical needs such as lighting of roadway features, facilities, or operating systems. Public benefits will accrue from reduced operating expenses for transportation systems as well as improved safety from expanded lighting along roadways.

The HEAT system consists of multitudes of “swirlers” which will ...

Poultry production requires lots of heat and ventilation due to litter producing ammonia, etc. A heat exchanger made of large tubes (thin inexpensive plastic) will be cheap and less efficient, but very practical. Heat recovery will save lots of heating fuel during the baby chicken phase of broiler production.

A prototype using 25 foot 3 inch tubes for home dryer exhaust available at Menards delivered about 50% heat recovery. Such a large device fits easily in a broiler chicken house attic, where attic vents, and condensation drainage under the eve make a very practical match.

Typical heat exchangers are less practical due to dust and dirt plugging them. A large tube heat exchanger is immune, and placing it in ...

High Efficient Magnetic Engine is a device which works on the principle of repulsive force of magnets. The engine can be used to produce Electrical/Mechanical Output efficiently and effectively. This Formula is Pollution Free & Economically best in class.

What is the technology?

This technology is a device. It consists of some electromagnets, piston crank system and control units based on micro processor

What does the technology do?

This device is used to produce electricity and mechanical power. It is very cost effective and efficient. Any rated value of power can be generate from it

What applications and industries is this technology designed to be used in?

This engine can be used as domestic as well as ...

A HVAC zoning system based on a rechargeable, battery operated, wireless zone or room damper and a centralized control system. The system is comprised of three components, a wireless temperature sensor for the zone to be controlled, a wireless, battery operated zone or room damper and a central control system with a web interface to allow users both remote and local user temperature settings. The central controller will act as the thermostat to the HVAC unit, calling for heat or cool as each zone requires. Each zone will have the ability to schedule occupied and unoccupied times and temperatures, therefore minimizing overheating or overcooling for less occupied or unoccupied spaces.

The battery for the damper is recharged ...

"Hybrid Opposite Piston Engine — HOPE attempts to correct certain deficiencies of the thermodynamic cycle and of the mechanism as employed in conventional engine: The cylinder head presents big heat losses and has a complex construction; A lot of exhaust gases energy is lost doe to relatively short stroke; The side force on the piston (pushed by the connecting rod) increases the friction and the wear of the engine; Is difficult to be balanced.

The inconveniences and disadvantages of the conventional engine are overcome by HOPE concept which uses a toroidal opposed-piston configuration, including two stepped piston compressors for each cylinder integrated in the volume of the engine. The compressors are 
very simple and cheap and are ...

Our Hybrid Power System HPS-1 changes the game in backup / remote power generation:

Incorporating a sealed, absorbed glass mat deep-cycle battery and an industrial full sinusoidal power inverter, we have been able to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50% over a conventional generator. The addition of an optional 500 Watts of solar panels (also mounted on a mobile platform), creates a truly robust backup or remote power solution.

Without any solar, one 5 gallon cylinder of propane will operate a modern 25 cubic foot refrigerator for 2 full weeks.

With this portable system it's possible to distribute a vaccine to an incredibly remote location, using only minimal fuel with a very small footprint. Both the power system ...

This hybrid solar collector is intended for household use where it's hard to utilize all generated energy if it comes in single form, be it heat or electricity. And where the size of equipment is important. This design combines solar heat collector with photovoltaic cells and provide possibility to regulate proportion in which each energy form is generated. This combination allows to reduce additional waste when household's one accumulation system is fully charged, by switching to other energy form.

System is composed from multiple units with tilt and pan mechanisms to track the sun and maximize system's efficiency. Each single unit is composed from parabolic mirror (5), heat concentration rod (4) encapsulated by vacuum isolated double layered glass tube ...

I have created a solar spinning top for wind turbines and other applications. The solar photovoltaic cells rotate at high RPM's on domes and conical shapes while providing power to bicycles, cars, segways, wheelchairs, skateboards, prosthetics, airplanes, frisbees, and many other agendas.

We have been issued two patents:
Patent #8,338,977
Patent #8,354,75....and others pending worldwide for rotating solar photovoltaics.

Some selling points of the spinning solar domes are:

--Increasing power outputs
--Creates a hybridized new product with each agenda
--Increases sunlight capture by spin angle of solar dome/ photovoltaic umbrella
--Lowers wind turbine start-up speed
--Artificially increases wind speed in turbines (wind speed doubles- power outputs cubed)
--Exponentially increases the marketplace for solar energy on mobile platforms
--Creates a ...

The main idea that you can get the clear energy from the usual sources.

The system allows to generate electricity with the use of the liquid working body, capsule generators,
and the natural difference in the pressure ( ocean - mountains or ground - mountains )

As the pressure on the ground is usually 1.25 kg/m3
we can get additional 100 g/m3 of free pressure on every 1 000 m height as there is natural height difference

System consists of the two main components: tubes and hydraulics turbines on the junction of pipes

If could we use the pipe of cones like tubes we can get the much more pressure for the better system
If could we ...

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