Sustainable Technologies

If you sit on a plot of land and have enough surface area to tap into this wealth of free warm water, you just need to circulate and store the glycol somewhere temporarily. For office buildings the ideal place is on the roof,

Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT)

As anyone knows who has changed a tire along a busy roadway, an incredible amount of turbulence is created by external airflow over and around passing vehicles. This turbulent air is an untapped, kinetic-energy resource; though,

Poultry production requires lots of heat and ventilation due to litter producing ammonia, etc. A heat exchanger made of large tubes (thin inexpensive plastic) will be cheap and less efficient, but very practical. Heat recovery will save lots of heating fuel during the baby chicken phase of broiler production.

High Efficient Magnetic Engine is a device which works on the principle of repulsive force of magnets. The engine can be used to produce Electrical/Mechanical Output efficiently and effectively. This Formula is Pollution Free & Economically best in class.

What is the technology?

A HVAC zoning system based on a rechargeable, battery operated, wireless zone or room damper and a centralized control system. The system is comprised of three components, a wireless temperature sensor for the zone to be controlled, a wireless,

"Hybrid Opposite Piston Engine — HOPE attempts to correct certain deficiencies of the thermodynamic cycle and of the mechanism as employed in conventional engine: The cylinder head presents big heat losses and has a complex construction; A lot of exhaust gases energy is lost doe to relatively short stroke;

Our Hybrid Power System HPS-1 changes the game in backup / remote power generation:

Incorporating a sealed, absorbed glass mat deep-cycle battery and an industrial full sinusoidal power inverter, we have been able to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50% over a conventional generator.

This hybrid solar collector is intended for household use where it's hard to utilize all generated energy if it comes in single form, be it heat or electricity. And where the size of equipment is important.

I have created a solar spinning top for wind turbines and other applications. The solar photovoltaic cells rotate at high RPM's on domes and conical shapes while providing power to bicycles, cars, segways, wheelchairs, skateboards, prosthetics, airplanes, frisbees, and many other agendas.

The main idea that you can get the clear energy from the usual sources.

The system allows to generate electricity with the use of the liquid working body, capsule generators,

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