Sustainable Technologies

The aim of the project is to show that applying additional renewable energy sources, e.g. wind turbines and photovoltaic cells, for supplying the elevator drives and auxiliary circuits (control and illumination) leads to considerable reduction of operation costs and increases the reliability.

This new solution,

Current problem to solve:
In the current situation of growth of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, and other pollutants NOX, due to the combustion of fossil fuels for transport such as cars using the environment in cities can become unbearable, causing respiratory problems for the population,

The efficiency of solar cells depends, among other things, on the angle between the sun and the solar cell. The efficiency of such solar panel can be thus increased by tracking the sun path and minimizing the angle of incidence. Nowadays, similar systems are actively controlled by coupling sensors,

Conventional Overbalanced Wheels that are famous for perpetual motion machine do not rotate. Now, I disclose new Machine. Figure 1 shows new Perpetual Motion Machine that generates rotational energy by using a Capillary and a Wheel including a Sponge and Weights.

Some people love to garden and grow their own food. Growing your own vegetables makes you sure that what you consume is safe from insecticides or any chemicals applied to make it look fresh for longer time. Gardening also helps in making the environment clean and beautiful.


This system uses air pressure vented unto an impeller to cause rotation of a re-designed electric motor with a hydraulic pump and electromagnetic clutch attached to the armature's drive shaft. The re-designed electric motor has an electromagnetic clutch that advances the field coil of the electric motor.

The use of alternate forms of energy are essential in the upcoming days as conventional sources cannot be preferred in future due to the uprise in Global warming. Solar energy is the energy obtained from the radiation emitted by the sun, this form of energy is free of cost,

The natural movement of the sunflower towards the sun can be used as a idea to track the solar energy efficiently. For this open software PSoC (PROGRAMMABLE SYSTEM ON CHIP) by Cypress is used.

Availability of clean water is a problem around the globe. Some remote areas have waterfalls that may be too small for power generation, but are high enough to use the head pressure to force water through a reverse osmosis system to supply clean water to a small village.


The United States of America has been using energy for the betterment of the lives of the people since the very founding of this nation. One of the ways that we have been generating the energy we all need is through nuclear power plants.

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