Sustainable Technologies

Wide application of the power stations based on use of renewable sources of energy,

Hydrobine Farm.

Hydroelectric power has been in service for over a century, but its origin, the water wheel, has been around for thousands of years. The ever increasing demand for renewable energies has encouraged engineers to find more ways to extract energy from the environment.

The gradual increase in the rate of use of fossil fuels and natural gases are not only decreasing the underground balance, but also are polluting the nature, eventually depleting the environmental balance.

Only about 30% of the fuel energy changes to useful work in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE`s). The exhaust exergy of the engine has approximately the same amount as the output work.

Inflatable-Rotor Windmills

The inflatable-rotor windmill was initially conceived as a combination of the child’s toy pinwheel with an inflated lightweight sphere such as a beach ball. The sphere performs two main functions: as support for the pinwheel's blades or sails, and as a wind augmenter,

The insulated pulse-combustion engine is a reciprocating piston engine concept which explores the five pathways of non-productive energy export from internal combustion engines (thermal conduction, exhaust heat, exhaust pressure, exhaust pollution, and mechanical losses) in an effort to improve fuel economy.

A laboratory chemical stays most of its lifetime on a shelf, in a closed container, which is opened when it is necessary to take out part of its contents. Generally, partial removal is carried out by pouring, if the chemical is a liquid or a powder,

This device would take advantage of the wasted air force generated from the outside air conditioner condensing unit.The proof of concept has already been proven with a prototype.

The Problem: Common residential exterior light fixtures that allow light pollution, light trespass and energy waste. Replacement of such fixtures (especially multiple exterior fixtures) can be prohibitively expensive.

This is a technology for generating hydro power by extending an enclosed pipeline in to the head waters from a hydro power turbine.

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