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Human /Powered Hybridized Vehicles

Bicycles are one of history’s most efficient machines converting up to 95% of rider energy into forward motion. Automobiles don’t come close to the efficiency of bicycles.

Today we are familiar with the hybrid concept in four wheelers. It has a advantage of fuel saving, low pollution. But why not in two wheelers? Here it is. The Hybrid Bike. It is combination of regular IC engine powered bike+electric bike.

The key challenge in designing vehicle suspension springs is primarily to cost-effectively strike a balance between vehicle ride comfort, road holding, and load carrying capacity. A Hybrid micro-composite E-like shaped spring strikes such a balance cost-effectively. Its advantages include

(1) Light weight:
For instance,

It is known that usually electric vehicles named trolleybuses can circulate on ways shared by general urban traffic, but that they will have to follow imperatively the trajectory imposed by their source of energy supply, a feeder usually named catenary (dual overhead line) system.

Planetary gear-sets can be incorporated in the design of an IC engine by replacing the conventional style crankshaft. This concept could be used in IC engines of all sizes, two or four stroke, gas or diesel, the only stipulation being, in its simplest form,

An IEDD or Impact Energy Dissipater Device meant for the prevention of fatal injury from impact related incidents of high-speed vehicles and the like.

The presented idea is a full mechanical, magnetic and electrical design of an in-wheel brushless DC outer rotor (hub) motor. The rim of any wheel would serve as the rotor, after some modifications, for the motor. Varying rims sizes yields varying power throughput.

While there have been many technological advancements in vehicle braking systems over the years (4-Wheel Disc, Anti-Lock, Electronic Stability Control, etc.), widespread advancements in friction materials and their manufacturing processes are few. The problematic nature of today’s resin bonded metallic (“RBM”) materials (including environmental,

It is a known fact that the two basic engine types, internal combustion engine and external combustion engine are individually not very efficient, as neither of them has efficiency greater than 40%. This is because of the fact that when a fossil fuel burns,

I have an idea to make the road safe and road signs interactive,

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