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Did you ever think that buying a new so called “green” vehicle even with lower carbon monoxide emissions would eventually contribute to global warming?

In the automotive industries, we can simply find a lot of car manufacturers releasing new car models each year.


There is an economic crisis and lack of jobs worldwide. One solution is to introduce a new product with great sales potential. One of the major solutions is the electric car but currently it has two great disadvantages.

This entry presents the results obtained by an ethanol-diesel fueled compression ignition single cylinder engine by varying the compression ratio.

In this work, the compression ratio is varied from 18.5:1 to 19.5:1 and the injection pressure used is 255 bar.

Introducing a design concept that integrates wind turbines and the charging system of an electric car to extend its operating range.

All materials required for this function exist. Car designers have great latitude in placement of wind turbines and vehicle contour.

The concept of the "extendable vehicle" is based on the needs of families. Currently if families have children involved in sports and other activities they typically need a mini-van type of vehicle.

The project is all about modifications to be done in an f1 car.

1.Innovative points of view:

-Using shock absorbers in inverted position which can be used as automatic jack &

The project is specifically designed and fabricated for the convenience of physically challenged people who are disabled by their legs.

As in this date there are many options for transportation available for physically challenged persons like, Motorised wheel chair, Hand powered tri-cycle, Scooters..

Hydrogen plays a major role in future fuel needs. There is not much difference between an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) that runs on hydrogen, compared to an ICE that runs on petrol/gasoline in terms of functioning. The main advantages would be better efficiency and low emission levels, provided,

Flatkart (Fk/2013), a transport for children and young race fans of Formula 1, has a management system routed through body movements, giving a sense of race cars, changes and brakes are close hands. In this way our product provides comfort, strength,

The fuel efficiency of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) driven scooters is very poor (60% of geared bikes of same CC) in city driving conditions mainly due to higher engine operating speeds, slippage in centrifugal clutch and power lost in transient phase plus CVT efficiency.

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