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The underwater tunnels is the large and expensive idea that can change the way of living for the millions of people on the planet.

During the last century the construction of bridges was the major business for the any of the most known world economies.

UAVs can carry a huge range of tasks. So now more than 250 companies in the world are developing UAVs. But they have serious disadvantages:
1. Airplane type UAV:
- small value of the lift force per unit of engine power;
- difficult takeoff and landing;
- low mobility,

The new Diesel technology is forcing OEMs to install a Selective Reduction Catalyst to reduce the NOx pollution and to do so they need a Urea (aka DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank. For a SUV it is about 10 gallons.

A configurable "key" for use with vehicles. The key would be based on a USB flash drive that could be configured by the owner of the vehicle. Any flash drive could be used and configured by the owner.

An automobile spark ignition (SI) engine is most efficient at heavy load operating condition that comes rarely. It runs mostly at low load conditions when the fuel efficiency worsens. At regular drive conditions, VariPhase engine is at least 100% more fuel efficient than the conventional SI engines.

Idea: Our student team developed a prototype of a vehicle with autonomous operation. The driverless vehicle will transfer passengers or cargo between given points of a route. The car automatically calculates an optimal route considering traffic congestion, road work and other road incidents.

We propose the new damper concept VZN –Variable Zeta after Necessities, Zeta being the relative damping changing stepwise according piston position, correlated thus with the vehicle load state and the road unevenness amplitude.

As people are paying more and more attention on green and renewable energy sources for the purpose of transportation and mobility, I design this concept vessel using wave energy which is collected by a set of unique "antennae."

The vessel is designed to be unmanned,

Capitalizing on new items recently patented or submitted: It is now possible to create a Plug-in/Solar Electric vehicle that performs equal with the gasoline sport cars by employing highly efficient individual wheel motors, the brand-new therm-o-electronic battery, a battery that charges up like a water heater,

Unknown hydro & aerodynamic technologies are used to make directional thrust devices for water and aircraft. Analytical control software is in specification stage that can multi-task. The software can make operation of water or aircraft easier. In addition,

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