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Meeting the tough CAFÉ standards for 2025 (54.5 mpg) is quite possibly the most daunting challenge for automotive manufacturers across the globe, especially with the ever growing consumer demand for safe, low-priced highly-equipped vehicles. Among the different research and development strategies to tackle this issue,

The use of the "Brake light" system should be expanded to protect drivers in more situations. The term "Brake Lights" is a misnomer as the true intentions of the system is "please don't run into the back of me lights.

This invention consists of machine embedded PMMA optical fibers in a matrix pattern throughout the plush interior of an automotive vehicle that eliminates the need for installing or running any metallic wires or thousands of LEDs which can serve several purposes.

The recent boom in the sale of automobiles in India has resulted in two primary concerns:
1. The after effects of the rampant green house gas emissions.
2. The lack of adequate parking facilities leading to bottle-necking of the roads.

Since this trend is expected to rise steadily,

A transparent, protective shock-absorbent thermoplastic trim that is easily applied, and which can conform to the shapes and lengths of the panels and bumpers of any vehicle. Today's autos no longer have any protective side trim and their bumpers are better shsock-absorbers,

The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system is not a brand new concept. One of a few cases in United States is the one in Morgantown, West Virginia serving West Virginia University students on campus.

The Rail Bus system provides intermodal mass transit with a single-vehicle system. Current intermodal passenger transportation involves locating infrastructure where different forms of transportation share common (often large) facilities, where passengers must switch vehicles in order to access another mode.

Problem Description:

Whenever we start our cars on a gradient, there is always the possibility of it moving down the slope while accelerating and leaving the clutch pedal.

RE-PLY electric scooter is designed as a last-mile transport solution. It's a suitable companion in the city environment due to its weight, dimensions and auxiliary electric drive.

This is a completely different philosophy, compared to the existing solutions. Instead of using a heavy powertrain,

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about red light runners and the cameras used to catch them. It seems that years ago, the discussion was about those who ran the light in the middle of the cycle. But now,

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