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Daring Cross is a groundbreaking invention that is both a functional, over-water transportation bridge as well as a tourist attraction and hub for recreation and commerce. Dating Cross borrows from a basic, elementary engineering concept: the seesaw.

Absences of permanent magnets, high fault tolerant, low cost and competitive weight, are some of the key features of the Linear Switched Reluctance Motor, hereafter LSRM. The aim of this project is to develop an LSRM drive system for mass rapid transit system (MRTS).

Ancillary loads in vehicles are necessary for passengers and to regulates vehicular operations. They are independent of vehicle speeds but show-up as a constant power usage to perform duties. For instance,

This is a model of a driver side panel for Indian trucks which has been done on CATIA to meet Indian truck needs of cabin variants.

Our electromagnetic variable flow control valve is a very efficient, cheap to make, reliable and provides an outstanding performance including instant response and fail-safe mode which are critical for transport fuel systems supplying jet, diesel, diesel-gas and other types of engines which use fluidic fuels.

This is a program designed to introduce Electric Vehicle Technology to Trainees in an Auto Service Shop environment. They will learn all aspects of building, servicing, and repairing electric vehicles (EV) by retrofitting an EV drive train into an existing production (used) vehicle.

Are you fed up with bumps and jerks on the road while travelling in a car?Here is a possible way to control and reduce it effectively.This type of active electromagnetic suspension system promises a smoother ride than the conventional passive suspension system.

A tractor-trailer coupling mechanism for a powered tow vehicle and unpowered trailer vehicle which eliminates jack-knifing. The coupling includes at least one extension or more between the tractor and the trailer which slides into a receptor channel in the powered vehicle,

ESB, Emergency Starting Battery VS (Vehicle Series)

ESB, means ‘’Emergency Starting Battery.” A new manufacturing innovation in the battery field. A very promising proposal which will offer more safety and reliability to the automotive world.

An innovation which will insure you reach your destination safely.

Energy recovery thru the displacement of a coil and or magnet by up/down or sideway motion. Vehicle motion occurs naturally especially on rough roads and on curves.

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