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SP3H is a cleantech oriented company acting in the field of thermal engine efficiency. Our activity is based on engine green house gas and fuel consumption reduction.


Nowadays power failure is a serious problem in rural areas of India. There are 10-12 hour power outages in various regions. As a result, farmers are not able to irrigate the crops in hour of need;

In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) or to protect Earth against the fatal effects of global warming, several solutions are recommended by researchers and the industrialists all over the world.

So as an engineer, I promote solar electric vehicles for economic and ecological means of transportation.

Antonymous Robot Computer is a computer network setup to control ARC vehicles. ARC System the Air System Data Mainframe (ASDM) or ARC Network which the FAA will provide and a Quad copter style ARC Cars. Some older cars can be retrofitted for the software upgrades,

Abstract and Advantages
The innovative aspect of this gun-engine (patent pending) combines the technology of a gun and a traditional engine.

The barrel of a gun augments the cylinder of a traditional engine. The piston of the engine blocks that barrel.

Durable, affordable, easy to install. Greatly reduces or eliminates icy buildup on the wiper assembly, improving operator visibility.

In cold weather while the car is in operation, the Temperature Sensor will turn the blades on automatically. Each Ice-E-Liminator draws approximately 1-1.5 amps of current.

It's hard to push your car in heavy traffic congestion where you see yourself in a state of fix. Or else you need a flying car. But the fact is you need to bear it until the end.

One of the ways heavy traffic on highways, city roads,

This invention consists of the modification of a Tescom piston sensing CNG regulator to provide a variable pressure output in order to compensate for the limited pulse width response of gaseous injectors that can hinder their metering ability at the upper and lower RPM limits of automotive engines when

Brake is a necessary part in any vehicle. In general, the essential break pad attributes are low compressibility, good resistance to severe temperatures, and good resistance to abrasion. The constituents of the brake pads should guarantee the required properties of the frictional material in the braking systems.

Usually we use an odometer as a standard to change the oil, change the engine belt, change the coolant liquid etc. For example, we change engine oil every 5000km or 1000km, we change the alternator belt every 40000km etc. There is the possibility, however,

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