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In aviation, Air Traffic Management System (ATM) is a multiple-function-integrated system specialized to supply Air Traffic Service (ATS). One of its main functions is managing and processing flight data. Flight data is an important object of system.

A number of companies are working on propulsive atmospheric return in attempt to develop reusable Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing space vehicles. They all use at terminal descent the same controls –vectored trust, usually by a gimbaled engine used at ascent. Despite extensive testing,

The lifting fuselage design has been around since the 1920's.  It was shown by NACA (NASA) and through military competition in the 30's to be superior to the tube and wing design.  Incorporating the most recent airfoil designs, composites and engine improvements,

Attached to the hydrogen lift balloon will be a solid rocket engine launch sled. When the balloon reaches launch altitude the flight computer will determine any vector changes that need to be made and then initiate launch sequence. The rocket will ignite and propel the payload to appropriate velocity,

As mentioned in the title, the Black Pearl is obviously an iron ferrite coated monster that is not as fast as the SR71 or won't fly as high, but it has a host of latest generation of smart weapons, munitions, and bombs...

The rivet, a simple fastener that has been around forever. How about making
a rivet that is approximately one half the weight of an aluminum rivet
and nearly the same strength? Carbon fiber rivets are the answer.

The proposed idea (see figures) consists on an emergency safety system that allows separating the passengers, crew and cockpit section from the rest of airplane. In other words, imagine an airplane exactly similar to anyone, but with a great difference,

"The sooner we get started with alternative energy sources and recognize that fossil-fuel makes us less secure as a nation and more dangerous as a planet, the better off we'll be." -Lindsey Graham


Nuclear pulse propulsion or external pulsed plasma propulsion,

The security system will be mobile and dynamic. Stationary cameras are obsolete for advance security. The system will be automated and manual if commanded. Robotic security system will consist of one ground bot(mother bot) and at least four airborne bots(child bot).

Mother bot is main processor,

DMLS manufactured titanium corner pressure vessel. 3D printed with no support structure. Only one secondary machine porting operation needed using standard t-slot clamping devices.

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