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In aviation, Air Traffic Management System (ATM) is a multiple-function-integrated system specialized to supply Air Traffic Service (ATS). One of its main functions is managing and processing flight data. Flight data is an important object of system. Any problem happening to flight data can also cause critical problems to the system, affecting seriously to air traffic controller task, which can threaten flight safety.

From experiencing the operation of ATM systems in reality, the flight data problems often encountered are: flight missing, being suddenly lost, not being update, or being updated with wrong parameters. The reasons of these problems are mostly caused by the improper coming of ATS messages. Normally, flight data is managed in the form of ...

A number of companies are working on propulsive atmospheric return in attempt to develop reusable Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing space vehicles. They all use at terminal descent the same controls –vectored trust, usually by a gimbaled engine used at ascent. Despite extensive testing, reliable pinpoint landing has not been demonstrated yet.

The core problem is controllability of propulsive descent at high deceleration rate of a booster optimized for space launch. Usually, it is a slender cylindrical body with gimbaled rocket engines on aft. Flying backward nearly empty rocket has significant different aerodynamic and mass properties from those during a space launch. The single-ended thrust control that works well on ascent is hard yet impossible to achieve reliable controllability at ...

The lifting fuselage design has been around since the 1920's.  It was shown by NACA (NASA) and through military competition in the 30's to be superior to the tube and wing design.  Incorporating the most recent airfoil designs, composites and engine improvements, this design would easily cut in half the current airline fuel costs per passenger or pound of cargo and out perform Boeing's BWB fuel savings by 25%.

The simplicity of the design will cut cost in materials and production as well as increase stability and safety.  The efficiency of lift and reduced drag will allow for safer, low speed takeoffs and landings while being able to cruise at higher speeds with little drag penalty.  A ...

Attached to the hydrogen lift balloon will be a solid rocket engine launch sled. When the balloon reaches launch altitude the flight computer will determine any vector changes that need to be made and then initiate launch sequence. The rocket will ignite and propel the payload to appropriate velocity, vector and altitude at which point the rocket and flight computer will drop away from the satellite. The command and control computer on the balloon will be recovered, the launch computer and the rocket stage will NOT be recovered. The launch sled will contain only the minimum needed systems to accomplish launch, vectoring and recovery.

Design Parameters:
Expendable orbital launch system
2 week orbit of a 200 pound payload
Balloon ...

As mentioned in the title, the Black Pearl is obviously an iron ferrite coated monster that is not as fast as the SR71 or won't fly as high, but it has a host of latest generation of smart weapons, munitions, and bombs... An array of ultra advanced sensors coupled with almost 10000 rounds of cannon ammo and 8 missiles and 4 laser guided bombs, most fighters can't even take off... This is a long range interceptor / awac systems and logistic support platform... The Peregrine is the other side of the coin, short to medium range capability, carrier launched, provides an excellent dog fight platform also fixed with radar guided gatling guns that track missiles and protect the plane ...

The rivet, a simple fastener that has been around forever. How about making
a rivet that is approximately one half the weight of an aluminum rivet
and nearly the same strength? Carbon fiber rivets are the answer. A
practical and economical method of manufacturing and using carbon fiber
rivers arose as a result of identifying the need of a major aircraft
manufacturer. If carbon fiber rivets were available at that time it
would have resulted in a lowering of the airframe weight by a
considerable amount. The carbon fiber rivet was not available then and
for all practical purposes is not available today.

Carbon fiber rivets are composed of approximately 70% ...

The proposed idea (see figures) consists on an emergency safety system that allows separating the passengers, crew and cockpit section from the rest of airplane. In other words, imagine an airplane exactly similar to anyone, but with a great difference, it can separate the section where the human beings are (the most valuable thing inside the airplane) from the rest of the aircraft. This of course is very easy to say, the challenge is the necessary R&D: to design it, to specify how it works (control logic, sensors, etc.) and to test it.

This is an idea that I’ve been dragging for decades and as an engineer I was diligent on searching the approaches and patents that have been ...

"The sooner we get started with alternative energy sources and recognize that fossil-fuel makes us less secure as a nation and more dangerous as a planet, the better off we'll be." -Lindsey Graham


Nuclear pulse propulsion or external pulsed plasma propulsion, is a method of spacecraft propulsion that uses nuclear explosions for thrust. As we all know the exhausting effect of fossil-fuels on our planet Earth, there arises a sudden need to shift to a sustainable/better alternative for the Aircraft Propulsion Systems used in the aviation industry.

The total consumption of aviation fuel in 2013 was about 14,904.7 million gallons with 16,220.7 million gallons in 2014 and this number won't stop growing. The integrated approach of enabling the ...

The security system will be mobile and dynamic. Stationary cameras are obsolete for advance security. The system will be automated and manual if commanded. Robotic security system will consist of one ground bot(mother bot) and at least four airborne bots(child bot).

Mother bot is main processor, executes complex commands, master, computes data from child bots, and bridge to home networking.

Child bot is slave, it recons, small form factor, minimum sensory, one or two camera, and minimum processing power. Only relays information to master and accept coordination from mother bot. Essentially, wireless eyes of the mother bot.

The ground based robot will traverse on the earth using rotating limbs and wheels. Will be robust, ...

DMLS manufactured titanium corner pressure vessel. 3D printed with no support structure. Only one secondary machine porting operation needed using standard t-slot clamping devices. Intended for high pressure space optimization by taking advantage of sometimes underutilized corner ...

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