Transportation of various fluids through pipes is an integral part of infrastructure of modern society. The aging of this pipeline brings concerns about the potential danger that can lead to leaks in the pipes. The rehabilitation of obsolete distribution networks is often done by inserting a new pipe within the old pipe.

The location of leaks in these new facilities has become more difficult. Now the gas diffuses into the annular space between the old and the new pipe and usually spring branching away from original leak. This represents a situation where the usual leak detection techniques are not adequate.

My Robot will solve this problem, and give a lot of potential benefits.

This idea will ...

"He who has Health has Hope, he who has hope has everything" -anonymous.


In addition to enhancing human performance, robotic systems provides the unique ability to perform surgery in remote locations.

Remote surgical operations require both rapid and accurate transmission of information. Factors that influence significantly the rapidity and accuracy of this information are the time required to convert video images and gestures into electronic signals, and the bandwidth and time lag of existing telecommunication lines.

METHOD :- (Explained as a passive text)

The Main System consisted of two physically separated subsystems named “surgeon-side” and “patient-side”. The surgeon’s subsystem (based in X city) had a console that took surgeon’s input; the patient’s subsystem (based in Y city) ...

Agricultural machinery has witnessed innovative advancements from the days of hand tools to modern GPS and computer driven modern tractors where little human intervention is needed. Advancements have even led to a few agriculture robots. However, these robots are for a single use only and cannot be transferred to other agricultural tasks. Now though this is all changing because of the development of MAARS. MAARS (Modular Autonomous Agriculture Robotic System) is a robot with interchangeable modules to perform various farming task.

Now, computer controlled machinery has come to the world of onion, garlic, and watermelon crops. Planting and harvesting these crops is tedious, labor intensive, and increasingly expensive. Shortages in labor and higher cost necessitate the need for alternative ...

Pole climbing robots have become an interesting area for research in recent years. Several robots have been developed to solve this given problem. Every construction has its own advantages and disadvantages. The goal of this work is to design a pole climbing robot that uses a new climbing principle.

In this concept of climbing, the motorcycles drive output is used as the primary source for driving the climber. This is realized by using flexible shafts, which will be coupled with the drive output of the vehicle. Hence the existing vehicle can be used multi-purpose as a climber when the vehicle at rest by shifting an additional gear mechanism.

MOBEVER is provided with an ...

In manufacturing industries, shearing machines are used in wide range to cut the plates and sheets. The principle of the shearing machine is shearing action between two cutting edges. In our project we are using pneumatic cylinders as actuators for shearing the work; in addition multiple blades (tools) are place on the upper and lower dies. So we can produce multiple pieces at a single stroke of uniform length. It reduces the production cost simultaneously increases the production rate. In conventional shearing machine large work is fed to the blades and it cuts the required dimension, as a small change multiple products is achieved through our project. The same project can be modified into hydraulic system were its applications ...

Problem :
In current world, we might faced the difficulties of keeping money in form of cash, cheque, or debit cards in our hand during lost, theft or fraud.

Background :
Where is the source for our day-to-day money comes from ?
All of the people are earning money as the remuneration of the their work or service.
That money is received as salary/profit to their personal bank accounts. So we can assume that the personal bank account is the first entry point of our money.

Why we are keeping money with our hands out from bank accounts?
- for Purchases or Settlements

So where are these money going finally ?
If we look ...

Agriculture in India is facing a decline, reason being, inefficient farming methods and labor scarcity. Nirvapana means sowing in Sanskrit. In India, Broadcasting of pre-germinated seeds is the common practice of sowing where farmers walk around the field and toss the paddy seeds on to the field. One of the major drawbacks of this technique is that since crop and weeds germinate together, weeds compete with the paddy for the available water, nutrients, space and light. In addition, to maintain the plant population farmers go for higher seeding rates and end up using twice the amount. A drum seeder is a simple manual sowing device consisting of a cylindrical drum attached to a central shaft having wheels attached to ...

This machine picks up to 18 inches of top soil (9 feet wide) with a vibrating blade. It is fed onto a conveyor belt that feeds soil into a set of disks that breaks it up. Then it is fed into a microwave oven on a continues conveyor belt, where microwaves kill all living organisms in the soil (can't kill the bad without killing the good). Then it is fed by some soil samplers where it is tested for nutrients (lime for crops being planted, iron, etc.). Then it is fed under the good stuff bins, where nutrients are added, microbes to break down organic matter into fertilizer, nitrogen fixers, etc. You can also add pods of earth worms, ...

The present invention is related to a mechanism and method to extract electrical energy from mechanical energy using piezoelectric materials such that the resulted voltage and power is higher compared to present mechanisms. In the following description, the different configuration of the ‘high voltage piezoelectric electrical energy producing mechanism’ which hereinafter is called ‘electric generator’ is presented.

This generator consists of multiple piezoelectric generators which are activated by a cam mechanism. Cam rotation causes the compression of the helical spring. The more number of piezoelectric elements the smoother output voltage will be.

Benefits of the invention:
1- There is no coil and magnet therefor the weight of the system is highly reduced
2- The voltage of the system can ...

During construction so much laborious work is done to transfer bricks, cement, soil etc to higher floors. And this process requires so many workers at every site and even present elevators used for this purpose are very costly and are very time consuming to install.

Double acting winch type elevator solve this problem since it is portable and easily can be shifted and installed anywhere. And due to its double acting nature, where you can use single or double winches according to need.

It also reduces the time and money (comparing to conventional elevators) due to its dual nature. It means this elevator will transfer more material in the same time.

Cost is its positive factor. It will be ...

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