The present work highlights the design and development of a prototype for automating plastering work in construction industry. The building construction is one of the most unfamiliar R&D activities in the robotics and automation community. Machines are capable of giving higher output with accuracy, precision and quality over a longer period of time than skilled manpower. They are free from fatigue and are capable of performing under risky conditions which might be hazardous for humans. Plastering work which is an integral part of any construction is one activity where the use of machines can yield better results. It is in this regard we propose our work - “Automatic wall plastering machine”.

The proposed working of our prototype involves ...

Automatic water refilling system is the electro pneumatic system which can be used for filling the bottles which are kept in the refrigerator or otherwise. This system consists of an Arduino Controller which is used for programming and controlling the sequential operation. This type of system is only applicable to the bottle caps without thread and caps which only have sliding action for opening it. The system has A Vacuum Ejector (Vacuum Generator) For holding the cap and with holding the opening operation is also carried out.

The main parts used in the system are listed below:
1) Air compressor
2) Air service unit (F-R-L Unit)
3) 2/2 way Direction Controlled Solenoid Valve
4) Vacuum Ejector
5) Ultrasonic sensor
6) ...

Agriculture is the main revenue resource for many states in India. But labor community is more attracted towards new opportunities and higher pay hence the strength of the labor community is reduced. This is affecting the small scale industries such as coconut powder making industries. Today’s agriculture industry requires new methods to improve efficiency of production by replacing the laborer with intelligent machines. Robotics and artificial intelligence technology is one of the possibilities to get improved efficiency. The robots and the entire setup should be able to work like human in coconut powder making industry and gain the desired result far greater than the human. In this project, the development of automation system is done with the help of ...

Autonomous Quadcopter Launch and Retrieval System

Quadcopter drone technology exists that is capable of performing many tasks to assist people in everyday life. The missing element is to provide a hanger pod on a vehicle so that the drone is taken to and deployed from any location without physical intervention from the user. This may be an aftermarket add-on unit or provided by the OEM.
With communication tied into the vehicle GPS, the drone can stream video to provide FPV on a split screen control unit. Many tasks can be performed and the drone may be deployed while vehicle is moving at lower speeds. Some tasks include but are not limited to:
1. Parking location and highlighting at night.

With an Auxiliary Driver equipped power drill, you can drill a pilot hole and drive a screw in the hole using only one hand!

The Auxiliary Driver is a supplemental drill/driver that works with all power drills, drivers and rotary tools. It is the only product that empowers operators to drill a pilot hole and drive a screw in the hole using only one hand without re-grasping or pause. In addition, there are three versions; the first two are attachable to any drill or rotary tool – each is optimized for different requirements and budgets. The third version is built into the drill or rotary tool as an integral optional driver.

Auxiliary Driver Features, Benefits and Description

Saves Time ...

Proposed prototype is designed to challenge & train the user in a 360 degree foot workout while using either a speed bag, or a heavy bag, or a double ended martial arts bag. The bottom platform is round & wide enough to accommodate two treadmill belts side by side driven by electric motor. Said belts travel at the same speed and direction & are spaced just enough from one another to accommodate an eyelet cord connection at the center of the platform for a double ended martial arts bag, & also allow a wider foot stance for the user.

The device is designed to train the user in maintaining overall body balance to maximize power as the users ...

Conventional exoskeletons are powered by a system of motion sensors and hydraulics, various problems like:

1. Very high cost of these parts result in high maintenance and electric power supply and these issues are still to be resolved.
2. Due to high production cost of these exoskeleton many industries and local human cannot afford them.

Hence we came up with ‘CAP’ EXOSKELETON, which is one of it's kind, who's frame is made up of CRC Tube and for movement we have used Pneumatic Cylinder operated by compressed air.

Our exoskeleton is better than the conventional ones, in many aspects, such as:

1. The production cost is very less, almost $190 / Rs. 12,000.
2. Simple design and easy ...

NASA’s Langley Research Center is developing a robotic arm with lightweight joints that provide a wide range of motion. The envisioned design provides users with a long reach and numerous degrees of freedom. The arm, ideal for use in aquatic environments or for manipulation of light terrestrial loads, consists of articulating booms connected by antagonistic cable tension elements. The arm elements are structurally efficient and lightweight, and support compact packaging. The inherent mechanical advantage provided by the tendon articulation allows the use of small, efficient motor systems. The manipulator can be scaled over a large range— from 10m (load-bearing arm) to over 1000m (submersible or float-supported arm). Current efforts are focusing on a 15m prototype and a 300m subsystem ...

Flute shape system, its related applications

Design Statement

Objects moving in air have to face aerodynamic forces.
Let's assume that object is in conical shape and have continue groove (like flute on drill tool) travelled along the periphery (starts from conical point and ends on another end) with spiral path.
It has two parts core (rotor) and outer periphery (stator) or vice versa.
Assumed inner core makes a cabin for objects, passengers.
There is rotation of outer body about its own axis due to aerodynamic/fluid forces during travelling in fluid/air and with produced rotation we can generate electricity with help of generators.
If thickness (depth) of groove on outer body increases with the length, it will act as ...

Density Differential Based Oil-Water Separator Working Continuous With Biodegradable Sludge Digestion

Everyone loves big spill & Sludge problems solved fast , safe and
cheap. We got all the attributes delivered via our bio sourced
products and hybrid solutions which act in just minutes. Our products
consist of tested and some already trial runs by third party partners

Density Differential Oil-Water Separator Device. It works by sweeping large oil sleek on water surface in to an enclosure fitted with a separator device .Oil is continuously separated and removed from the water body. It is recommended for large oil spill on open waters.

Secondary Sludge Digester It dissolves crude oil, Fats and greases in minutes. It is made from biomaterials and ...

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