Shaper machining is a famous mechanical operation that cuts the metal into different shapes .

Shaper machine has two strokes one is called forward stroke and the other is the return stroke .

The first stroke ( forward) is the effective one because it has the ability to remove from the metal but the return stroke was always non-effective because on it's way the metal is already removed that was waste of time because we only take advantage of the forward stroke that is what i have decided to try find a solution for.

The mechanical design for the matter is very simple it's based on a famous mechanical mechanism called (geneva wheel ) .

Growing population of older adults wants to live independent life style in their homes or senior communities. While older people can look out for each other, they cannot help much when one of them falls on the floor except to make a phone call. Some people lose their balance and fall more often causing numerous calls to response centers every year.
There are senior assisting services that dispatch personnel to help. In other cases, fire departments are called in to help the elderly but they might have other priorities at the same time.

The purpose of Semi-Autonomous Personal Assistant is to mitigate this situation with providing the following:
- Detect a fall by person wearing a motion ...

Problem :
The world is booming with smart technology. In this generation people wish to have things done at their fingertips. Along with this we also need to conserve electricity to face the power crisis. A lot of power is wasted when the loads are on when not required.

Our proposal: To have a smart system where every load is monitored and controlled through sensors and also through the mobile interface. The wireless communication system that we are going to design can help us to manage and utilise power in a better way.

Description of project:
“Smart building is about the building automation beginning to anticipate and cater your needs and living in a automation environment ...

A Relief valve is a safety device used in fluid process systems to prevent abnormally high pressure that could cause danger to people, process and equipment.

When an abnormally high pressure develops in the system, the fluid force exceeds the spring force and so the valve opens to relieve the high pressure.

Essential: The valve must always be in good order to protect the system as the high pressure occurrence cannot be predicted (Like an overload trip in electrical installations). The integrity of the relief valves is so important that regulations, industry codes and company policies mandate for routine checking to ensure they are in good order. (Like checking RCDs, smoke alarms).

The Problem: There could be ...

The SAMP is a robotic platform whose objectives are to perform small tasks ranging from transportation of materials and documents to monitoring and assisting in surgical procedures, in an effort to relieve the nurse from doing those jobs, when they can be engaged in more critical applications around the healthcare facility. The SAMP contains a 2 body system which is the manipulator and platform base. The single armed manipulator allows the robot to perform simple tasks like stabilization of materials, holding equipment and documents, etc. Whereas the base, which is portable, allows for 360 degree motion throughout any facility. A speaker and camera are also added in between the 2 robotic bodies to allow for voice operation and motion ...

Our aim is to construct a Tele Semi Humanoid Robot, which acts according to the physical movements of the Operator. We have divided the project into two stages first stage using the robot with wired technique and followed by second stage wireless. Describing the first stage according to movements of human the prototype of human skeletal structure is moved no sensors or any electronic devices used as input only the gesture of operator is taken through the Xbox Kinect, and to the 8 joints of the human skeletal structure (shoulder, elbow, hip and knee on right and left side) servo motors are arranged for the movement and wherein we have successfully completed the stage with minimum errors.
Our second ...

Idea Description:
The visual inspection of Tele-Communication (TC) and its connections, antennas, antenna mountings, poles, waveguide bridges, corrosion and erosion of structural components, breaking of guy wires, missing of bolt and nuts, verticality of the structure, lighting and earthing system in the towers must be carried out periodically to avoid technical and structural problems. The conventional manual inspection is tedious because one has to climb the overhead structures. The mode of working will have many disadvantages such as long inspection cycle, high working intensity, huge expenses and high danger.

The qualified climbers should have to carry the head, foot, eye, ear, and hand protection units and they have to follow the climbing procedures to climb safely. ...

This Helical Impeller was designed to solve the problem of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The Dead Zone is an area where the oxygen-rich fresh water at the surface does not mix with the oxygen-poor saltwater on the bottom, creating a region on the sea floor with no oxygen. Since there is no oxygen at the bottom, the fish move out of the Dead Zone area and coral and non-mobile animals are killed off since they cannot relocate. This problem has cost the fishing industry in the Gulf of Mexico nearly 80 million dollars. Many organizations, such as NOAA and LUMCON, are trying to find ways to decrease the size of the Dead Zone, but most ...

"Applied Predictive Decision Environment (APDE 4.0) Is an Integrated Predictive Analytics Platform software system designed specifically to take advantage of a massively parallel vectorized architecture running on Global Intelligence Corporation's newest 275,600 core supercomputer platform know as Thunderbird that, ingests massive amounts of multiple lingual mixed media information from 127,000+ global data sources, makes an assessment of the raw input, stores data in contextual form for real time access, in real time computes the impact of discovered events and anomalies using proprietary causal analytics and through assessment of counterfactuals by mathematical methods, presenting results of those events impact to decision makers via its advanced 3D & 3D Holo Tablets in no glasses Real 3D & 4D augmented reality Visual ...

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed a robot-assisted microsurgery (RAMS) system to allow surgeons to do the impossible and perform surgical procedures beyond the capability of human hand dexterity. A surgeon operating a RAMS system can feel soft tissues with greater sensitivity and can manipulate surgical tools with greater exaggeration and precision. Each joint in the robot arm has a large range of motion, which reduces the chance of a joint reaching a limit during operation, and little to no static friction, which means that small, incremental movements can be made without overshooting. In addition to its usefulness during microsurgical procedures of all kinds, JPL’s RAMS system can be used a simulator to train for these procedures.


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