This project is to fabricate a coconut husk remover with shell cutter. At
present coconut husk is being removed manually which employs more time and
more man power. This coconut husk remover peels off the coconut husk from
coconut fruit to obtain de-husked coconut fruit via pneumatic controlled dehusking
device. An operator is required to handle the machine during the dehusking
process. It can be used to de-husk both matured coconut and young
coconut. This project consists of pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve, linkages,
husk remover and base frame.

In this there are two main parts are there. one part is for removing the husk
from the coconut and the another is cutting part. In both parts pneumatic systems

This is a glove to enable a human operator to directly command movements of the robotic hand. It utilizes the flexible linear encoders, positioned at the joints, measuring the movements of each of the 25 axis's of movement for transmission to the telepresence robot's computer.

The telepresence robot will be equipped with sensors to detect contact with an object and transmit that detection back to the human operators computer to stop the humans joint movement by using a set of 25 piezoelectric cylinders to provide the haptic sensation.

The glove will be made in standard sizes to allow multiple people, one at a time, to control the robotic hand. The advantage of the digital glove is to allow easy ...

The project is about increasing the efficiency of an automobile engine by using small and efficient techniques.
The project may not be any high profile technology, a new engine or something like that, but this small project can change human life to a large extent.

We can increase the efficiency of engine by changing some small parameters on which it depends.

These factors are

These are some common factors which on an small extent can affect the efficiency of an automobile engine.

They can reduce the cost of the fluid ,production and increase the efficiency by about 10% or more ,and may even be low ...

The system initiates as a balanced system, if the command to open the power level determined is controlled by the second input. The working-fluid is heated according to the set profile. The working-fluid vapor fills and expands the inner container. The power-fluid is forced from the container into the external expanding container by this action. Once movement is canceled or reaches its limit, the control valve locks the transfer between the container and the exterior expanding container. This allows the system to hold position indefinitely without the use of dynamic-kinetic energy. Once the command is given to close, the control valve is opened, allowing the power-fluid to return to the inner container freely, as the limb is retracted by the ...

Using electromagnets and magnetic piston in contemporary IC engines is the crux of the idea. Apart from achieving the torque and HP equivalent to the contemporary IC engine, it consumes power equivalent to that of a 12 volt car battery. The benefit is less pollution and it can be integrated with solar cells too.

The concept is as follows: The spark plugs are replaced by tungsten electromagnets and the piston heads are made of permanent magnet. There are four magnetic fins, protruding from the corner of each piston head. These fins go into parallel slits made in cylinder walls, the walls are lined with magnet. The poles of the magnetic fins face the like poles magnets in the slits, hence ...

The device will consist of following things:-
-Erasing arm slides left to right and vice-versa on the black board erasing the written things on it.
-It has water spray mechanism which will spray a little water on the black board while erasing the black board.
-It also has a special function called as ‘skip’ which skips the particular region not to be erased and slide ahead to erase (not added in this project but can be).
-It will have hot air drying mechanism which will dry the damp black board after the use of water spray mechanism.(not added in this project but can be).
All the above function will be performed as per the user's command.

Even after ...

It's a very unique project, the idea for which came from a disc spinning on string, with which almost all of us have played in our childhood. In this project a combination of three gears are used, arranged so that they can be rotated at very high RPM with very high torque. Basically change of momentum is converted into centrifugal force.

This mechanism is very versatile in nature and can be used in various fields like electricity generation, manual mixing, generating very high RPM manually. It can be used to increase the efficiency of existing machines and also to create new high efficiency machines which is need of hour to save our natural resources. In a nutshell this mechanism ...


Construction industry shows a 70% gross domestic fixed capital formation and 8% from Gross Domestic products. Some key features they mentioned are annual growth in construction industry in 2010 compared to 2009. Share of construction increased in 2010 compared to 2002. Growth was mainly by large scale projects in North and Eastern province and 7% total population for construction industry.

This mounting is very useful to mentioned companies. This will save lot of fuel, money, time and energy. Due to currently they use tedious methods to repair maintenance. In the point of view I working company this will create new production opportunities form the waste materials and to buying company, low cost ...

Banking-Turning abacus is a display indicator device counting the number of banks-turns to the/on the left side and number of banks-turns to the/on the right side of yaw rotation in three dimensional pitch nose up-down, nose left or right, and roll left/right, circling left/right and G-Force a one-source quick reference centralizing flight-data for Pilots and correlation display for maintenance assessment applying best overall airframe management extending longevity in flight purposeful assisting personnel early scheduled-unscheduled repair-needs inspections with diagnoses more consistent persistent problem areas identified as either being on left side/one side more-so than on the right side/other side a causative banking-turning with early warning methodology preventing parts failure early wear-out grounding aircrafts unexpectedly designed innovation use in overall outer-inner ...

This valve design has a novel hollow, balanced piston, which is moved into an open or closed position against a stationary solid seat within the valve body by using the working fluid or an external pressure source to seal the valve.

The novel balanced piston can be designed to always seat with the same amount of force allowing the use of metal-to-metal seats as well as soft seats. It is designed so that, even when used in high-pressure applications, it does not require a large conventional valve actuator, and the valve stem itself is eliminated. Actuation is achieved with the use of small, simple solenoid or hand valves. This design also eliminates the need for many seals ...

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