The objective of this proposal of an ionized air motor is to improve the efficiency of the conventional motor by reducing the inhibiting factor which is the weight of its armature. My proposal of an alternative form of motor uses an armature made up of light weight plastic containers containing positively and negatively charged ionized air. The containers are moved by alternating polarities of the electrical plates that act as the stator of the motor. The voltages across these plates are alternated with use of relay logic circuits that uses two latching relays. The use of latching relays ensures that the relays maintain their state even if they are not activated. A sensor generates interrupts for the micro-controller that ...

GearRail™ is a low-cost, easy-to-assemble linear motion system that is constructed from simple 3D printed parts and common off-the-shelf hardware components. This novel system is being released as open source hardware under the CERN Open Source Hardware License (Version 1.2).

Personal manufacturing devices such as 3D printers, CNC routers and milling machines, and laser cutters are all examples of machines that typically use some form of linear motion system to accurately position either a cutting or printing head. Traditional linear motion system components are typically expensive and difficult to obtain by people in emerging economies throughout the world. Great progress has been made by the open source community toward the goal of making ...

Low cost quake proof shelter is meant for locations that have a history of earthquakes and also in high quake risk zones. The idea here is for governments and NGOs to build the shelters for poor people who bear the brunt of quakes due to improperly built dwelling units.

The construction of the shelter is simple. It consists of circular and hollow steel pipes commonly used for piping. Suitable diameter of pipes can be planned for a particular type of house based on design calculation.The pipes are welded together closely so that the pipes are touching together and does not get separated. Suitable strengthening ribs can also be welded. The tubes are welded to form a cage type as shown ...

NASA’s Langley Research Center offers a novel lifting and precision positioning device with hybrid functional characteristics of both crane-type lifting devices and robotic manipulators. The design of the Lunar Surface Manipulation System (LSMS) allows for fine positioning with complete control over both translation and rotation of the payload. In addition, the design permits several other operations using a wide variety of special purpose tools, such as a bucket, pallet forks, grappling devices, sensor and visualization packages, and dexterous robotic arms that can be quickly added to the tip. NASA is seeking development partners and potential licensees.

NASA Langley developed the LSMS because of the need for a versatile system capable of performing multiple functions on the lunar surface, such ...

In present scenario we have more challenges with global warming due to pollution from engines being used in industries, automobiles etc. Also the scarcity of fossil fuels has made engineers to focus on alternate. This invention follows the same path in replacing conventional fossil fuel engines.

The invention relates to “Magnetic Engine” which works on magnetic forces developed by set of permanent magnets and electromagnet to power the load. The load may be a locomotive vehicle, pump, generator, lawn mower, golf cart etc. The power generation from magnetic engine gives zero gaseous emission along with efficient production thereby driving global greenery.

The invention of magnetic engine relates the field of design and manufacturing ...


A powerloom was designed by Edmund Cartwright in 1785 .The control of powerloom is controlled by a line shaft. The purpose of powerloom is to weave the clothes which is used for different purposes. The main components of loom are warp beam, take up roll, shuttle, reed, heddles, cam, line shaft, pulley, dead weight.

The shuttle is the heart of the loom which makes the warp and weft to intersect with each other based of the requirement pattern.
The shuttle movement can be controlled with the cam and follower rotation which will controlled by speed of the line shaft.
The three main operations involved in loom are,
1. Shedding
2. Picking
3. Battening

The need to interest would-be students in the apparently complex subject of macroeconomics is considerably eased, when they can see and play with a mechanical model that represents the whole of our social system. This model, being presented here, comprises of a compound balancing machine, which achieves this aim by representing our social system in terms of its various economic exchanges.

The millions of activities being performed by citizens of a country over a period of time, are actually of only 19 different kinds (see the recent book: "Consequential Macroeconomics--Explaining About How our Social System Works", by David Harold Chester). Taking average levels of these idealized activities, only 6 kinds of role-playing entities are needed to provide the need ...

Mechanical walking tiger is a robot that can carry 100 kgs of weight. It means we can sit on it and can ride it. it consists of a 110cc petrol engine which can pull or carry heavy loads. Carrying heavy loads becomes possible by this 110cc petrol engine by assembling it to 30:1 gear box. This gear box reduces the output speed and increases its torque to maximum. Power is transmitted from the gear box to the shafts by the chain drives. The required perpendicular motion is transformed from one shaft to another by bewel gears. Just like a four wheel drive the power is transmitted to front legged shaft by universal joints.

For turning the robot into the ...


We know one simple law in Physics, the law of conservation of angular momentum. The law states that the angular momentum of the body or system of bodies remains conserved if no external torque acts on it. If ‘I’ is considered as moment of inertia of the body or system of body under angular momentum consideration and ‘w’ is considered as the angular velocity of the body .


So if the moment of inertia of the body changes the angular velocity changes accordingly. As IW=constant so I and w are both inversely proportional. If the moment of inertia increase the angular velocity decreases and if the moment of inertia decreases the angular velocity increases.

So if the ...

The peculiarities of the product are flexibility of the design, reduced fixturing
downtime, decreased cost and the fact that differently shaped objects can be
clamped without any manual adjustments. The fixture with clamps are arranged
radially around its work space; they are all independently controlled by lead
screw mechanisms powered by DC motors. The M2Falgorithm has been
developed for the automation of the fixture with the help of image processing
technique, using MATLAB platform. The micro controller is programmed in
such a way that the whole process, including capturing the object and DC motor
actuation, simultaneously leads the development and implementation of an
automated fixture-design system. Image overlapping is the technique used for
extracting the co-ordinate of the object, ...

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