For harvesting the nuts, and for spraying and applying insecticides on the crown, skilled labourers have to climb the tree manually. Such a process looks easy, in reality it is a laborious and dangerous task. It requires skill to climb arecanut tree. Skilled arecanut tree climbers have become scarce and farmers are finding it difficult to harvest the nuts.

There are much equipment machines in the market to help the farmers in this regard. But they are not successful as the input for them is muscular power of the labour and it requires a person to physically climb the tree to cut the crop or harvest the nuts. In other case, machine used requires long fixing time to ...

Department of Automation and Robotics in Mechanical Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University had completed design Assembly Immersion Control for I-DEAL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH.

Assembly Immersion Control use for nondestructive inspection mechanical engineering products.

Assembly is a welded modular construction from three parts.
1 part is a model with water container and mobile desk.
2 part is a model with system filtration.
3 part is a model with robot Kuka.
Robot use for ultrasonication mechanical engineering products.

In the process, created a three-dimensional model of the assembly, the design documentation, as well the Assemby Immersion Control.
Design, modeling and assembling had completed for 4 months.

Advantages of design:
-Low metal consumption
-Unique design

Technical characteristics:
-overall dimensions: 2200?1000?1980 mm;

The physically challenged and elderly suffer a lot of problems in moving here and there. Also now-a-days, the security of physically challenged and old people is less because their homes can easily be attacked by thieves.

Burglary rates in various countries are rising day by day, particularly where old and physically challenged people reside. This is because burglars find it easy to break into houses where old or disabled live and hence this rate is rising alarmingly. Hence, measures should be taken to bring this rate down.

For this, we propose a mobile-based home automation system that consists of a smart phone and a Wi-Fi router without using internet (It does not require internet). The home appliances ...

With a revolutionary new and patent pending insert, RUAG Space has been able to automate the process of insert placement into composite sandwich panels for satellites. As a result manufacturing time and costs can be reduced significantly. Apart from the above, the new process requires less potting compound to glue the insert into the panel resulting in less launch mass.

In the design of spacecraft structures weight and stiffness are critical design parameters and as a result composite sandwich panels are often used. In one complex satellite sandwich panel more than 800 inserts (to mount equipment) can be found. A typical communication satellite has more than 2500 inserts. Up until now the space industry has been using manual ...

The AUTOMATIC BILL PAYING MACHINE or BILL COUNTER AUTOMATION is used to reduce the human intervention of paying bills in shops and toll gates where a person has to be there to receive the cash and return the balance. But my idea in this machine is TO RECEIVE THE MONEY AND RETURN THE BALANCE (if any) TO THE CUSTOMER AUTOMATICALLY.

For this, I use the principle of ATM for receiving and dispensing cash. The Indian currencies are differentiated by their lengths at entry by optic sensors and checked for counterfeit currency by ultraviolet lamps as prescribed by RBI. The cash is received and dispensed by use of three soft rollers rotating in opposite directions, first and second ...

To overcome the difficulties pertaining to painting the exterior walls, herewith we propose a fully automated wall painting system powered by a micro controller. The system has an movable overhead machine consisting of paint storage tank, air compressor to spray the paint, a display and keyboard interface to control the input operations. The overhead device clamped to the wall will be connected to a trolley carrying the spray guns. By automatically moving the trolley to the desired locations, the wall can be painted. And in order to paint irregular surfaces, the system can be enabled to work in manual ...


• Positive displacement of seeding in soil
• Transplanting seeding uniformly without damaging them
• Manual depth control helps in maintaining uniform planting depth.
• Solving Health Back Problems of Farmers
• Reduce Labor Charges
• Able to be used in different kinds of soil
• Cost-effective
• Improve the soil health by eliminating puddle.


• This Machine is for Especially for Indian Farmers Who having Labor and Health
Problems During Farming of Paddy Crops.


• This machine use for Farming Paddy Crops in Puddle.
• It is very Cost-effective.
• Productivity is Increase.
• Overall Growth of Paddy Crops Increase.
• Soil Health Improves.


• This machine Cost is Very ...

Various machines are used for expanding opening section of the pipe. This automated machine is used to expand the end section of a circular tube or pipe with the help of forming process. This machine works on three hydraulic cylinders out of which one is used for holding the tool and the other one is used for expanding action of the pipe i.e. pushing the tool into the opening section of the pipe or tube and the last cylinder is used for ejecting the pipe and then works for the replacement of the pipe. Based on the required size we can change the diameter of the mandrel accordingly. This machine can be used for manufacturing pipe such as exhaust ...

This entry presents the idea of design and manufacturing of an automatic corrugating machine. This machine is used for automatic develop and creation of helical formed slits on heat transfer tubes. In other way, the presenting machine transform a simple tube into corrugated ones by the use of plastic roll forming strategy.

This machine has two strategic stations, the rotary holding station and forming station. At rotary station, the tube is simultaneously holed and fed forward using two radial rollers with adjustable center distance for working on different diameter tubes. At forming station, the corrugations are created using a tiny forming roller made with high strength and hard carbon steel. The forming roller can move downward using a ...

The overall goal of this design project is to develop a system that will decrease tyre-wear while improving fuel economy, performance and safety of a passenger vehicle through dynamically adjustable tyre pressures. The system serves to solve a fairly common problem of improperly inflated tyres, which also are the cause of many road accidents, thereby increasing safety of the passengers.

The system mainly consists of four components, namely, Rotary Union, Pressure Switch, Solenoid Valve and Portable Compressor. As soon as the tyre pressure goes below the set lower limit, the Pressure Switch sends an electrical signal to the Solenoid Valve and the Compressor. Compressed air flows through the Rotary Union into the tyre thus inflating the tyre. As soon ...

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