Sustainable Technologies

This is an idea of a tree which produces electricity upon planting in specified areas. Its name is Energy Tree. And it is basically a type of vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT).

Its speciality over the other VAWT is that it can work at all the times,

Engines are the commonly power producing machine running on either Petrol or Diesel or Gas. Engines are widely used in automobiles.

Newer technologies have made engines lighter and super-efficient. But still there are a lot more things that can happen.

Introducing the world's first “Engitronics”

At Cavitational Energy Systems LLC we are able to completely convert large amounts of heat energy at very cold temperatures (~30K) to electricity; using the heat energy in the ~30K to ambient temperature difference.

The problem with a Savonius Rotor is that it has no torque, as the blades are only powering the shaft for 120 degrees of one turn, while for the remaining 240 degrees the blades are consuming energy. The Savonius Rotor micro mini wind turbine,

Concrete production uses a considerable amount of natural resources that cannot be replaced or replenished. With landfills being created at an alarming rate compounded with the increased cost of dumping trash, the need for recycling has reached an all-time high.

Proposed prototype utilizes 1. centrifugal compressors/impellers, driven by 2. high speed electric motor, or 3. steam turbine, or 4. exhaust turbine/turbo, to draw high kinetic energy gas through, 5. electrically conductive diffusers, downstream;

This is very simple.
An eductor is a very simple design, that in this case the "liquid impulsor" is a solution of Calcium Chloride (that is liquid at least under -50°C) to "disolve" CH4 Clathrates releasing the gas that will pump up a column of mud and gas.

NASA Langley has developed a novel method of depositing metal and metal oxide nanoparticles onto various substrates (see ACS Nano, 3(4), 871–884 [2009]). It is rapid, scalable, and green since it does not require reducing agents or solvents.

Fiber Optic Photovoltaic Cell of my invention, solves the problem of mismatch layers of different semiconductors, also in real terms, allows you to use part of the long-term solar spectrum.

Firefly is the world’s most advanced solar powered device for light and mobile charging where there is no power. Thus, Firefly is a better and safer life for rural dwellers.

Firefly has three different parts to provide the basic necessities. The central “brains”

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