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This invention relates to an electric generator. The present day electric generator normally works on the principle of dynamically induced e.m.f. in conductor/s housed within a rotary armature lying in a strong magnetic field. This generator has moving parts.

Flying Wind Turbine

An airborne wind turbine is a design concept for a wind turbine with a rotor supported in the air without a tower, thus benefiting from more mechanical and aerodynamic options, the higher velocity and persistence of wind at high altitudes,

Portable electricity is becoming one of the most demanded technologies since the widespread use of portable electronics over the last two decades. Devices with increasing functionability have also increasing power requirements that fall in the limit of current portable generators, ie. batteries.

This project is about design of series of various processes through which a fuel cycle in an internal combustion engine setup can be created in which there would be no use of refueling the vehicles working on it & also it won't produce any kind of harmful emissions.

Conversion of biogas to Methanol and application in IC engines

The project presents conversion of biogas to liquid fuel Methanol by Nucleophilic substitution reaction and its application in IC engine by changing valve timing.

A number of environmental and economic benefits are claimed for bio-fuels.

g-EN CO2 Engine harnesses inexhaustible ambient or waste heat and converts it to useful mechanical power, delivers more power than ICE (internal combustion engine) at the same size without burning hydrocarbon fuels, hence no greenhouse gas emissions.

Design brief
To design a renewable energy powered and portable water pump that can provide a viable alternative to diesel-driven ones

Target user group
Small and medium-scale Indian farmers in Bihar state

Mandatory requirements
- Portable
- Robust and locally servicable
- irrigate one

Using a simple solar balloon with dimensions at least 50 square ft. to generate a substantial amount of buoyancy. Specializing the shape for heat accumulation and possibly aero dynamics to act as a "a kite that always pushed up" with any angle of wind turbulence.

We all know radiations are electromagnetic in nature. So the basic idea is to filter the electricity from the electromagnetic wave and store it in the form of electricity for future purposes.

The proposed modular green roof is applicable to all buildings in rainy and tropical regions of the world. In the proposed system, it has been tried to mitigate or even solve the problems related to the previous systems such as requiring a large installation space, low water storage efficiency,

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