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Birds use their wings to generate lift and thrust for locomotion. The difference in air pressures around the airfoil shaped wings generates lift and thrust. Birds also flap their wings and while flapping they also pitch (rotate) them about a lateral axis. Their wings are spread out during down-stroke and folded in during the up-stroke. The folding and pitching motions cause the effective wing area to change while flapping to increase lift.

Another example of this principle is found in rowing where blade’s effective area is varied from one stroke to another to maximize thrust. Maximum and minimum effective blade areas respectively for the drive and recovery stroke are presented to maximize water displacement and reduce air ...

As apart of our final year project, our team is working to set up vertical axis wind turbines(VAWT) along sides of railway tracks. We intend to utilize the gust of wind produced by trains moving by to move these vertical axis wind turbines and generate electricity. This electricity can be supplied to nearby villages hence saving us large transmission losses. Our test results on a scale down model show that sufficient electricity can be generated to run basic appliances like LED lights, small fans etc. We intend to modify the design of existing VAWT further to develop a mechanism to adjust angle of turbine rotor blades as wind speed and direction change to ensure optimum angle of attack of ...

Solar photovoltaic are gaining popularity in the age for sustainable clean renewable energy source grows louder. It is well known that Sun’s energy on earth is expressed as 1kw/ square meter at AM 1. Many PV technologies have been developed to convert this energy into electrical energy. The efficiency of conversion is around 12 to 14%. Many scientists continue to improve the efficiency by changing the process of manufacture of silicon cells, which is at the core of conversion of light to electricity.

1. Is to almost DOUBLE THE OUTPUT per square meter of land with whatever existing technology.
2. The solar energy is today captured in 2 Dimension only, but now it is proposed ...


A major contributor to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels for various activities. Passenger cars consume billions of gallons of petrol or its derivatives each year to power their internal combustion engines. About 53% of usable energy from the engine goes into overcoming aerodynamic drag. Nearly 40% of the car’s drag is because of eddies formed at the rear of the vehicle. With this critical point in mind, we started exploring options to reduce the drag coefficient of automobiles using devices that are inexpensive, easy to use and effective.


It was analyzed and observed that pressure drag due to flow separation constitutes more than 80% of the total aerodynamic drag [2]. Flow separation takes place ...

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. If you live in drought stricken California, that old saying may ring true. With over 1000 miles of coast California has plenty of that salted variety, but fresh water resources have been taxed to the limit.

One solution that several coastal communities have leveraged is desalination by reverse-osmosis method. This technique has shown to be a reliable tool for providing safe drinking water. The down-side is the cost, especially the cost of electricity to operate the high pressure pumps. Electricity accounts for around 40 percent of the 10 year operating cost with includes equipment, labor, and consumables.

Dutch Treat may be a play on words, but represents the innovative solutions ...

As we all know that one of the main pollution which is happening in the world is noise pollution and we know that it is mainly due to the noise made by automobiles due to the horn. This make serious problem in the society. It effects the ordinary people and also make serious problem to patients.

Here i would like to introduce a new horn mechanism called e horn. Its an eco friendly horn which will reduce the noise from automobile horn to a large extent. This is possible by using a device which is designed specifically for automobiles. Its capable of transmitting and receiving signals and this is connected to the audio system of the automobile. Here the ...

Why do we turn on the lights when it’s sunny outside? For many of us, artificial light has completely replaced natural light. Lighting can account for up to 50% of building electricity consumption, and up to 56% of energy bills in offices.

Artificial light is not only costly for us and for the environment, it prevents us from using a natural and abundant resource: sunlight. ECHY has the solution.

Our unique technology captures, transports and diffuses daylight inside of buildings, providing constant, high-quality lighting.


1. A panel of Fresnel lenses, fixed on to a tracker, concentrates daylight. On each of our panels are fitted our own concentration module (0.5m2).

2. Once concentrated, fibre optic cables transport ...

Every car does bump while it runs. It is seen more with passenger bus’s back position. We can extract electrical energy from an electric bus. The amount of power that is extracted from it is more than its expenses for running.

Four dynamo/electric generators will fit besides two sets of rear spring plate/pati and it rotation by by-cycle system’s rear free wheel (fig-1/c). Rear free wheel of by -cycle is rotation by chain which will be fit with gear of by-cycle (fig-1/e) and it (gear) will rotation by liver system which will fit with spring plate (fig-1/h). When the passenger load bus run in speed then the back position is up-down and the liver does rotate the gear and the ...

Nano leaves convert the visible spectrum of light and also convert invisible light, known as infrared light or radiation. Due to the unique abilities of Nano antenna electromagnetic collectors in these Nano leaves which convert visible and mid-infrared radiation into electricity, the energy harvesting continues hours after the sun has set.

The more wind, the more Nano leaves are moved. Wind that is moving thousands of Nano leaves in a tree canopy are causing mechanical strain in the petiole, twigs and branches. Nano piezo-electric elements incorporated into the petiole twigs and branches are the tiny Nano piezo-electric elements that will generate millions and millions of Pico watts as these thousands of Nano leaves flap back and forth ...

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another"- Albert Einstein.

Humanity has always challenged itself to lead the ongoing race of developing Sustainable Energy Resources, and because there is a sure shot need of developing sustainable energy resources in the near future and even now, the mindset of great Researchers and Scientists has channelised itself entirely into creating something new, forgetting that there is still a way of generating a tremendous amount of energy from the present in-use resources.

Every year millions of gallons or fuel is used in the aviation industry and about 40% of it is lost in the unnecessary wastes (noise and emissions) on every flight taken.

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