Sustainable Technologies

Heretofore watercraft designs and construction methods confronted the following five problems:

1. Hull and Deck Cost - Watercraft small enough to be moved intact on normal roadways without special permits are usually manufactured inland at one or more centralized manufacturing facilities. They are limited in living space,

Today the world is facing threat from global warming due to the harmful gases that are coming from the combustion of fossil fuels.The alternate or renewable resources are costly as there is need in the improvement of the technology.

Code Authentication Pad is an APP coded Data information programmer-transmitter-receiver satellite and tower-based all-in-one paperless device sensor-based small handheld for personal asset-item.

The earth's atmosphere is heavily polluted by greenhouse gases . Despite efforts to reduce air pollution, their concentration continues to increase. There are many types of purification plants. But their application to the extent sufficient to  cleanse the entire earth's atmosphere,is economical disadvantageously.

Problem Statement:

According to ARPA-e, in 2013, U.S power plants consumed 38.2 quads of primary energy to generate 12.4 quads of electricity with an average electricity generation efficiency of 33%;

Many of us know how powerfull lightning is, what amount of energy it transfers and how difficult it is to harvest this renewable natural source of energy.

I demonstrated live at COALASIA 2012 (New-Delhi, India) that I can produce coal with a reagent from potash, limestone and soda water (these are material of flue gas of coal, oil, gas, biogas power plants) in room temperature, under atmospheric pressure, in water,

This odor free technology, the controlled aerobic biological distillation process where microorganisms convert raw organic materials (kitchen waste, yard waste, animal manure and human feces) into a high yield, high value, organic pesticide, organic animal feed, or organic fertilizer. The technology will eliminate costs associated with landfilling,

Water related issues are expected to globally increase in coming decades due to depleting water tables. Main objective of this study is to treat available water in rural areas of tropical regions, fit for human consumption by pasteurizing it to a temperature of 70 degree Celsius by designing,

Using a responsible mix of science, engineering, technology and nature, we have designed a Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse system that can not only deliver produce and fish, but can also provide compost, clean energy and clean polluted water bodies. Our design is environmentally conscious and robust in performance and sustainability.

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