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A complete wireless charger.

The process starts with a device such as a phone advertising wireless its availability power charging requirements.

The charger device pans and tilts to maximize this signal. The charging millimeter or microwave charging wave is heavily directional to limit charging beam spread.

Nowadays, there are many things that disturb driver attention which is one of the causes of car accident such as cell phone calls, eating food, and drinking, especially when those things became difficult to get and use.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust /
I ‘d rather go with a boom than a bust /
Load my ashes into a cartridge of cardboard /
Then drive to the sea, not the airport /
Load the cartridge into the Drurn /
Drurn? It’s a Drone, it’

Fitness enthusiasts and people who want to carry multiple fluids with them always use multiple containers. This new concept will serve dual purpose for hot and cold, cold and cold fluids. To carry hot and cold fluids in the same container or carry two cold fluids in one container,

When it comes to upgrading our homes and offices, we think of almost anything. However, we are never ready to be prepared for the worst conditions like earthquakes.

Sadly a lot of people have suffered from natural disasters like earthquakes causing death and serious injuries.

An eco-friendly diaper system is introduced for improving children’s diapers. This innovation is easy to use, reduces costs, and eliminates waste and adverse environmental impacts of disposing diapers in landfills.

The solution provides for storing cloth diapers in water-soluble bags and washing them at home.

Our mission. Water and Food for ALL!

IGP’s innovative approach created a completely new category in Fashion Plumbing. Solving the low flow dilemma at its source, the Epiphany™! 1000 DFO addresses the biggest indoor use of water; showers! Without requiring changes in user habits or performance expectations, the DFO™

A new way to protect computer users from the many health hazards associated with prolonged sitting behind a computer screen. Users will enjoy the freedom to move and exercise major muscle groups in-between downloads and mouse clicks. They'll also enjoy optimal ergonomic comfort in a semi-recline posture,

The present invention relates to an expander for the lower part of the body which expander can be easily used at home and other places by anybody for straightening the lumbar to prevent lower back pains and strengthening the leg and abdomen muscles.

The present invention relates to above ground shelter which can be installed in a new construction or can be retrofitted and would provide substantially more protection for people, possessions, and home from disasters, such as forest fires, river flooding, mud slides, most earthquakes, tsunami, tornadoes,

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